CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity – The Washington Post

And this is not becoming a police state?

How can we stem this tide?

Quickly! No time to lose. This is dead serious.

“Golf Cart One”

From our friends at the Daily Kos:

Snoop Dogg’s controversial new music video gets attention of President Trump

You really need to just click on over and watch the video, then read the accompanying article, then watch the video again.  It is just so right on.  I have nothing more to say.


I know I’m naive.  And I know my mind likes to take things apart into itty bitty bits, in the hope of making sense out of sensory input.

The New Regime has had my poor head spinning around on its stalk faster and faster, till all I can do is cry out in agony, “Ghost of Ronnie Raygun, please dazzle some yea or nay into this Doublespeak word salad!”

And so it was that I found the above article.  The light has been dazzled, and now I’m afraid to hit “PUBLISH.”  It’s worse than I thought.

Article: Peter Thiel vs. the FDA

Peter Thiel vs. the FDA

See, the thing is, before a candidate drug is tested on humans, it’s tested for a very long time on animals, usually mice.  This tells us what the drug is likely to do in a mammalian system.  

It doesn’t tell us what’s going to happen in another species, namely humans.  We’re different from rodents (sometimes).

We can extrapolate that if a compound kills a mouse dead, it would probably kill us too.  But other things, like cognitive effects or things that might take years to appear, may not show up in rodents.

There are enormous risks to fast-tracking drugs.  And there is an alternative: compassionate use.  This is an exception that the FDA can use to release a drug from clinical trials early, if it performs brilliantly and is lifesaving.

As this article points out, the driving factor for forming the FDA in the first place was thalidomide, a very effective anti-morning sickness of pregnancy drug.  The only problem was that many of the women who took it gave birth to severely deformed babies.

Clearly, we must protect people from untested drugs.  Yes, we need solutions to pressing problems.  But we’re not going to get solutions by jumping the tracks.  Like it or not, science is an exacting….science.

Article: Read the Transcript of TIME’s Cover Story Interview With Donald Trump


Read the Transcript of TIME’s Cover Story Interview With Donald Trump

….and tell me whether you think his brain is in working order.  I’m not talking about his politics.  I’m talking about his neurologic status.  Reading this, I was struck by his round-about speech pattern, his omissions of words, his illogical statements (illogical in the sense of actual linearity and purposeful-ness).  A list of other red flags scrolled through my brain as I read the transcript.

From my point of view as a physician, Mr. Trump is in need of a cognitive neurology evaluation. 

So….what would we do if Mr. Trump (or Ms. Clinton) turned out to have a dementia?

On another note, how would we feel about a president with a well-controlled mental illness?  (Not fair putting these back to back, but oh well😆)

Please chime in on this one.  I’m interested in your opinions!  Link is below↘↙

Presidential Race 2016 Candidate Profile – Donald Trump, R | Clarion Project

I’m generally an ostrich when it comes to anything political.  I tend to view political machinations as, well, machinations–without a bit of sincerity.  Promises made with no intent to follow through.  Ideological statements that turn out to be the opposite of what really shakes down.

The only thing that makes me really happy that I voted for Obama is that I helped Michelle and her daughters to be living proof that black women can be powerful in a whole new way.  Next Presidential term I want Michelle!  I’m sure she’s got a whole lot going for her in addition to her stunning beauty and style.

On the other hand we have the trumped-up nightmare of a crook with terrible hair barely covering a tiny but dangerous brain.  Let us have a look into this threat to world security: