Article: Cannabis compound may halve seizures for patients with severe epilepsy

Cannabis compound may halve seizures for patients with severe epilepsy

Um, yeah.  

Ohio State University scientists have proven what those of us who have been using the herb medicinally have known for years: Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a powerful antiepileptic medicine.  The article mentions a few of the other conditions and illnesses that CBD is known to help.

And in the tradition of medications being used precisely because of their side effects (think belladonna [atropine] which dries up respiratory secretions), note that the only side effects to CBD mentioned are sedation and appetite loss.  Useful, those, in certain circumstances.

While this publication is great news for helping to refute idiot attorneys general who still think cannabis has no medical benefit, it’s also cause for caution: right now the biggest threat to unrestricted adult use is…Big Pharma!

Yes, Big Pharma knows good medicine when it smells the scent of Big Money.  And friends, cannabis is big money, no matter how you cut it.

Big Pharma would much rather see the money from cannabis medicine in its own pocket, and we all know that Big Pharma has lots of senators and other influential players in its own pockets.

One chilling example: Arizona’s 2016 ballot measure that would have legalized adult use was narrowly shot down, largely due to a fierce anti-cannabis campaign bankrolled by the drug giant Insys, which is quartered in Arizona.  Insys produces a large proportion of the synthetic opioid fentanyl that is produced in the U.S.  Fentanyl is used in anesthesia and various delivery systems for treating pain.  It’s also been the culprit in many of the recent opioid overdose deaths we hear so much about.

You may be thinking: oh, right, statistics show that in states with legal cannabis, opioid prescriptions decline by about one-third.  So of course an opioid manufacturer doesn’t want that!

It gets worse.

Seems that Insys was just on the point of rolling out its first synthetic cannabinoid, a THC analog that is pretty much redundant not only because there are already synthetic THC products on the market, but also because anyone with a medical marijuana card can get their THC straight from the source.  

But that’s “not good for business,” as Texas Senator Ted Cruz pointed out when I mentioned that rolling back clean air laws is not good for children.  So Insys spent half a million bucks a couple of weeks before the election on a rabid T.V. ad campaign, spreading fear among the uninformed, mouthing the old saws about how marijuana causes violence, crime, unemployment, blah blah blah, and it worked.

So on one hand, the more good science, the more knowledge, the less fear, the better the public can understand and accept cannabis as medicine.

On the other, the more science, the more Big Pharma sees opportunity, the more danger that our access to this amazing plant could be once again restricted, in its natural form, in favor of…pills.

Snoop Dogg’s controversial new music video gets attention of President Trump

You really need to just click on over and watch the video, then read the accompanying article, then watch the video again.  It is just so right on.  I have nothing more to say.

Palestinians children pretend to execute Israeli soldier | Daily Mail Online

Want your eyes to bug right out of your head?  Just for fun, read this article.  You’ll get an eye-opener, all right.  I have to giggle a bit at the outrage of righteous Brits, discovering that their millions of pounds are being used to glorify terrorists and terrorism.  Brits who under the best of circumstances have a hard time deviating from the straight-laced upfront meat-and-potatoes, bless them.  The very idea that British charity should be used to pay non-existent public servants, to put on school plays about how to execute Israeli soldiers!

Well, at least the American Reform Judaism people aren’t falling for that!  Nope.  I hear that an extended, ecstatic Kumbaya session resulted from Rabbi Rick’s goodwill mission to Ramallah.  Hope he’s not a vegetarian.  I hear Abu Mazen throws a mean kebab party!  Make mine limonana, I’m not drinking today.


I know I’m naive.  And I know my mind likes to take things apart into itty bitty bits, in the hope of making sense out of sensory input.

The New Regime has had my poor head spinning around on its stalk faster and faster, till all I can do is cry out in agony, “Ghost of Ronnie Raygun, please dazzle some yea or nay into this Doublespeak word salad!”

And so it was that I found the above article.  The light has been dazzled, and now I’m afraid to hit “PUBLISH.”  It’s worse than I thought.

Why Did Fentanyl Maker Insys Give $500K to Defeat Legalization? | Leafly

Presidential Race 2016 Candidate Profile – Donald Trump, R | Clarion Project

I’m generally an ostrich when it comes to anything political.  I tend to view political machinations as, well, machinations–without a bit of sincerity.  Promises made with no intent to follow through.  Ideological statements that turn out to be the opposite of what really shakes down.

The only thing that makes me really happy that I voted for Obama is that I helped Michelle and her daughters to be living proof that black women can be powerful in a whole new way.  Next Presidential term I want Michelle!  I’m sure she’s got a whole lot going for her in addition to her stunning beauty and style.

On the other hand we have the trumped-up nightmare of a crook with terrible hair barely covering a tiny but dangerous brain.  Let us have a look into this threat to world security:

Cook County Jail Mental Health Center

In the United States, “budget cuts” have eliminated most of the community mental health services that up until the mid 1990’s served a vast number of uninsured, unemployed, homeless, drug and/or alcohol dependent, and otherwise disenfranchised people.

Where once these people in need of services were able to access a minimal level of care including evaluations for mental illness, medications, group and individual therapy, social work support for helping them get Medicaid, job training and placement, substance abuse treatment, and connection with community support services such as AA and NA, now all of these services have largely been shut down. 

Now, without access to mental health services, people who were formerly able to access care are left on their own.  What happens to them?

Homelessness, drug addiction, crime related to survival on the street with mental illness.

Who assumes their care?

Well, that depends on which prison they end up in, if they don’t die at the hands of “law enforcement,” other individuals, suicide, overdose, freezing to death, or other hazards of street life.

If they’re fortunate enough to live in Chicago, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel in his “wisdom” shut down six of the city’s twelve community mental health centers, they go to Cook County Jail.

Please take the time to watch and **share** the video below, which documents the unique program for mentally ill inmates initiated by Cook County Jail, which now serves as Chicago’s main “Mental Health Center.”

The Emperor Has No Clothes On!

Well, folks, I’ve been ranting about this topic seemingly forever, but nobody pays any attention.

But a nation with whom our diplomatic relations have been kind of strained lately, for good reasons, apparently got my message–and is broadcasting it on TV!

This nation happens to speak a different language than we do, but thankfully our friends at the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is in the business of translating media from other languages so we can understand how other cultures think.  MEMRI is located in Israel, on a street in Jerusalem that I used to pass by every month to see my shrink when I lived there.  It’s staffed by a group of linguistic experts who usually focus on terrorism related topics, but this show caught their eye, and I’m glad it did.

Watch and comment, please!