Article: Faisal Mohammad, California College Stabber, May Have ‘Self-Radicalized’, FBI Says


Faisal Mohammad, California College Stabber, May Have ‘Self-Radicalized’, FBI Says

This is what my home country, Israel, faces every day….except the world headlines read differently.

If this had been one of the daily stabbing, car ramming, rock throwing, or other lethal attacks on Israeli citizens (or, recently, a Christian visiting student), the headlines would have read:

“Muslim student killed by white Christian police after alleged “stabbing attack.””

That’s the way Reuters, BBC, The New York Times, and others have reported the killing of terrorists who participate in the “knife intifada,” as they have named the ongoing wave of organized attacks.

It’s so easy to try to justify these attacks as “resistance to the Occupation.”


Western brokered peace deals have been repeatedly turned down by the Palestinian Authority (Mahmoud Abbas), largely because they did not include all of Jerusalem.  Is this a good reason to kill people’s families in front of their eyes?

Yes, but what about bombing Gaza?

That’s a whole different story, but nevertheless, retaliation does not equal resistance.

No doubt this one knife attack will prompt the adoption of metal detectors in schools or some such major reaction. 

And maybe next time an Arab (there are Israeli Arabs happily stabbing away this time) gets killed at the scene, Americans might think a bit differently.

Or maybe not.

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Yup, you’re right.  I don’t drag politics into my blog, because my blog is about living with mental illness, and I hold to that.

However, there is something going on in the world that can no longer be ignored, pushed off as a one-off, or justified by other actions.

Rather than waste more of your time, I ask you to watch what’s going on here, and regardless of your political position, ask yourself, “what does this mean for ME, as a human being, and for the world?  Do I believe in genocide for any reason?  Who is the people who are marked for genocide here?  Are they a numerous people?  Is genocide condoned by the UN?”