Muslim-Zionist Activist: ‘Antisemitism Is the Norm in the Islamic Community, But the World Will Come to Realize Its Mistake About Israel | Jewish & Israel News

This is an amazing article.  It lights a tiny spark of hope in my heart.

The Sad Ending to Asia Bibi: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied | Clarion Project

While UNESCO busied itself with cobbling together a resolution trumpeting that the Jewish People have no historical connection to Jerusalem (?????), Asia Bibi sat in jail awaiting “judgement.”

Her crime?

Drinking from a Moslem well.  Bibi is Christian.

As I have just learned from this article, the Moslems in that part of Pakistan (I don’t know how this works, so I’ll only reference exactly what is reported) believe that Asia Bibi contaminated the well by the fact that she is Christian.  

Somehow, the fact that Asia Bibi, a Christian, drank from a Moslem well challenges the legitimacy of…something….so that she is accused of blasphemy.  How this is, I do not know.

And yet UNESCO does not condemn this.  There is no world outcry.

Asia Bibi will either be hanged outright, or she will die in prison, for the “crime” of being Christian and drinking from a Moslem well.

MEMRI: Palestinian Cleric Issam Amira at Al-Aqsa Mosque: Islamic Strategy Dictates Hostility towards Infidels, Tolerance Is Un-Islamic

In a Ramadhan address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinian cleric Sheikh Issam Amira said that

Source: MEMRI: Palestinian Cleric Issam Amira at Al-Aqsa Mosque: Islamic Strategy Dictates Hostility towards Infidels, Tolerance Is Un-Islamic

Good morning, everyone!  Wake up!

It’s the 95th anniversary of Gene Roddenberry’s birth.  The iconic visionary creator of Star Trek managed to assemble a cast of mixed gender, interracial, mixed species, interplanetary characters (and, if you think about it, Spock was asexual, so that lends a further level of diversity), in the early 1960’s before the Civil Rights Movement, and waaaay before Women’s Liberation got under weigh.

Now we are faced with this.

A prominent cleric gives his Ramadan speech at the iconic Aqsa Mosque, in which he condemns the idea of peaceful coexistence and forcefully argues in favor of the word “infidel” and just as forcefully encourages letting the “young men” who want to go out and fight in the name of Allah to go and do their thing.

Meanwhile my brain is singing Pete Seeger’s iconic song, “Then We’ll Have Peace.”  Listen to it.


Pakistani Sufi Singer Amjad Sabri Murdered | Clarion Project

This breaks my heart.  Sufism, the mystical sect of Islam, is the inner core of true beauty in the Islamic faith.

Many of you have read the Sufi poet Rumi, or the Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam, or the poetry of Khalil Gibran, whose line “Drink of the same wine but not from the same cup” has enriched many a set of wedding vows.

Everyone has heard of the “whirling Dervishes,” but not everyone knows that a Darweesh is a mystical adept who spins through a complex pattern of movements in deep trance, in order to achieve synchrony with the Divine! 

And although this has been practiced since at least the 7th century c.e., and perhaps earlier, and even though Sufism has always been a deep and enduring branch of knowing God in the context of Islam, now it’s being branded as heresy and its practitioners are being killed.

Such a tragedy!

I have been associated with Sufis since 1990, when I studied African drumming with a black American Sufi and his white Jewish American Sufi wife.  While in Israel I hung out with Sufi musicians who were Jewish.  Yes, that happens in Israel.  You don’t hear about it on the news…the ecstatic music sessions on the streets and in the market places late at night, when Muslims and Jews gather to praise our mutual Creator with flutes, drums, and lyres…this too is taking a risk, now that the imams seem to be branding anything pleasurable as “haram” (forbidden).

Heaven help us.

In the meantime, please enjoy your life.  Dance.  Make music.  Howl at the moon!  Listen to music, read, pray.  Enjoy Nature!  Enjoy one another!

Live with joy, live the juice of life! 

Counter repression with expression!

New Islamophobia Report: Authors Linked to Hamas | Clarion Project

Ryan Mauro, the chief security analyst for the Muslim organization The Clarion Project, exposes the hypocrisy of CAIR (Committee on American Islamic Relations) and another of its affiliates.  CAIR employs the same tactics as one of its brother organizations, Hamas, handing out clothing, food, and other necessities to needy Muslim children, thus endearing itself to the Muslim community at large.

We saw this in Gaza after Israel unilaterally withdrew in 2005, which lead to a popular vote that resulted in victory for Hamas.  Things changed **just a little** after the election (I won’t go into the armed coup against the slightly trailing Fatah, which is another political mess).  Funds meant for infrastructure, food, clean water, and sanitation were diverted to…well, let’s just say for now that they were not used for their intended purpose.  I really want you to read this Clarion report, so I won’t allow myself to get diverted into the reasons Gaza became its own island.

I encourage you all to explore The Clarion Project’s work on the rights of Muslim girls and women to live safely, free from the terrors of “honor killings” child marriage, and FGM (female genital mutilation.)  The menu on their website will direct you.

I very much encourage you to watch their excellent documentary, The Honor Diaries, in which a group of Muslim women discuss their experiences openly and honestly.

In the spirit of these brave women, I refuse to be silenced by the institutionalized bullying promoted by a large segment of the Muslim community.  I refuse to dry up and blow away.  Because I am Jewish, of course anything I say is written off, because we all “know” that Jews are inherently suspect: especially Israeli Jews, who, as we all “know,” steal organs from Arab children and make bread with their blood.  This is not some fantasy, but was told to me by an Israeli Arab woman with whom I shared a hospital room in Jerusalem!  And her 9 year old daughter repeated this to me, when I asked her what she learned in
school about Jewish people.

With that, I hand you over to Ryan Mauro, and I do hope you will take a minute to read his article.

Iran Launches Long-Range Missiles Emblazoned With Slogan: ‘Israel Should Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth’

Please click on the link, read, and watch the video.  You don’t need to read Farsi or Arabic or Hebrew, since it’s translated, but I’m a fan of original language since things do get left out in translation.

Many of the larger Grad (Russian) and other Iranian built missiles that have been launched out of Gaza since 2008 have had “love letters” from Iran stamped all over them.  Literally, stamped, so you can read them on the bodies of the exploded missiles.

In fact, more than one container ship has been stopped in the Suez Canal, full of Iranian “home missile kits” which, when fully assembled, make nice big missiles with warheads full of ball bearings, to do the most damage to whoever gets in the way.  Fortunately, there aren’t many habitable areas in Israel, so most of the missiles land in inhabited areas, or on the poor Bedouins who are really the ones who got screwed when they were forced out of their nomadic life in North Africa.  Like so many others, they took refuge in Israel, but since Israel is the size of Delaware, there’s not much space for them to wander.  So they get hit with missiles meant for Jews.

The concept of getting rid of Jews is not new to the world.  What is disturbing to the Jewish soul is that the Muslim world seems not to care that if they blow up Israel, millions of their Muslim brethren will also perish.  Is that the way to solve the bickering over who “owns” the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean?  Wipe it out?  Clean the slate?  Ridiculous, doesn’t it sound that way?  Could never happen?

Well, history shows otherwise.  Even modern history, going on right now.  The wars in the Middle East have been raging on for decades, and I am not talking about Israel/Palestine/Jordan/Lebanon/Egypt.  I am talking much, much bigger players and bigger numbers: Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria, of which Serbia/Kosovo is an extension.

The reality on the ground in terms of weapons supply chain is:

Russia>>Iran>>Syria>>Hezballah, Iran>>Hamas/Fatah.

Now there is the new factor of the “Islamic State,” which is turning the ideals of Shari’a law on its head by doing things that are theoretically permitted but never done, at least not since the 7th century, specifically, capturing, using, and selling sex slaves from “enemy/infidel tribes,” specifically the Yazidis.

I’ll explain the Yazidi situation in another post, since I don’t want to get too much farther off track here.

The point I want to make is that in getting rid of Israel, Iran will happily take out millions of Muslims, not only in the West Bank and Gaza, but also in Egypt, Lebanon, and, of course, whatever’s left of Syria.

We Hebrews have our own beliefs about this process of extermination of our own people, which has been going on for thousands of years.

But for the Jewish mind, there is no way to understand a people who are willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of their own brothers and sisters all over the world, just to get rid of everybody else. 

Iraqi Journalist Comes Out Against Claim That ISIS Has Nothing To Do With Islam