Hanukkah Is Almost Here!

In this time of incredible global turmoil, what we need is more LIGHT. Bring it down!


There is a force that hates beauty and light.  We call it simply “the other side.”

It’s pure physics.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The other side hates holiness.  Whenever I express holiness, there is sure to be some kind of pushback.

Fortunately, this time it only came (heaven protect me) in the form of a broken tooth, in a place in my mouth that will require an implant because of the other dicey teeth in the immediate vicinity.  I was eating a potato chip, to honor the holiness of Hanukkah by eating something fried in oil.

Well, it’s off to put on my silk underwear, under my pajamas, because for some reason I have no heat tonight.  Hmmmm.

Eff you, other side.  You may cause me discomfort, but the light will grow anyway.