What You See Is What You Get

This is Scary


It’s very sad to see that people who have found a safe haven from the violence of war in Syria, are biting the very hand that opened the doors of safety to let them in.

I have seen enough first-hand to know that men from religious communities where women are expected to cover themselves, consider any woman who does not cover to be a “whore,” fair game for sexual harassment and assault.

These “migrant” (in quotes because they are refugees, not true migrants) men are confused.  They think that German women should play by their rules.  They forget that they are actually guests in their host country, and should be on their best behavior.  Instead they have brought a new brand of terror into the home of their hosts.

But is Germany making noises about packing these criminals off, back to where they came from?  If so, please let me know, because I would like to wish them bon voyage.

No, instead, Germany’s response is to provide special segregated train cars for women and their young children.  Boys up to 10 years of age can ride with their moms.  Otherwise the boys must ride in the cars with “everybody else.”


How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

First…uh, first….

There are just so many, I don’t even know where to start.

First, Germany needs a massive kick in the ass for tolerating what amounts to an epidemic of lawlessness, to which it responds not by deporting the perpetrators, but by punishing women for the crime of going on about their lives as German citizens and not putting on burkas so as not to get raped. 

The concession of designated rail cars for women who don’t want to get raped is outrageous.  How about designating male-only cars instead, for males traveling without a female escort?

And what about male children over the age of ten, who, in the female-only scheme, cannot travel with their mothers?  I would never, ever trust a young male to the same criminal element that is causing Germany to scramble for a solution to sexual assaults on its women.  Have they not heard of “bacha bazi”?  “Boy play/games,” that means.  Rape of boys, very common in the Arab world, culturally acceptable in many areas.  Not so much in Germany, though.

I am not interested in politics.  At.  All.  I am interested in the humane treatment of all creatures.  And I have a particular interest in protecting people who do good in the world.

German women and children should not have to pay the price for its misguided government having opened its doors indiscriminately to gangs of ruffians who repay kindness with raping and pillaging. 

I’m sure there are many good-heated and deserving refugees among the evil ones.  Let them police themselves!   Or are there really so many bad apples that the whole barrel is rotten?   So many, that women must take refuge in separate rail cars, in their own native land?

Those who bite the hand that opens the door to safety must go.  The good and kind people who opened their borders to those who appeared to be in distress must not live in fear for their safety.  They must not sacrifice their quality of life for a public relations campaign on the part of their government.

Or is Ms. Merkel in bed with Mr. Trump????