Treat Nazis Like You Treat Women

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  1. I only wish they had the video captioned.
    I don’t read lips that well.
    but I get it, I think. good share.
    hope you are doing well Laura.

    • Wait, what happened to your hearing!?

      • Oh honey, you didn’t know I lost my hearing due to Meniere’s disease? It went pretty fast actually. I had Meniere’s in my right ear a long time and my hearing started dropping a little. Then it went to both ears and within a year I was a candidate for cochlear implants. I can hear with them, but it’s not the same, and I can’t hear things like the phone, music…. it’s challenging.
        I’m so grateful for my CIs though. I’d be lost without them.

        • Oh, I didn’t know! What a disaster. But thank heaven that your CIs help you!

          • Thanks Laura. It’s been a wild ride. I don’t think I realized how much losing my hearing affected me until recently. I was at a Hearing Loss Association meeting last night and we had a great presentation by an audiologist, he shared some interesting facts that made me constantly nod my head….it really did make me think….golly. I get it now.
            I’ll have to write a post about it. I find it interesting.
            So, I’ve been deaf since 2012.
            a life time ago.


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