CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity – The Washington Post

And this is not becoming a police state?

How can we stem this tide?

Quickly! No time to lose. This is dead serious.

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  1. Trump should have been aborted when he was a _________.

  2. apparently the new disability descriptions are all listed as “Mental Illness” now..(.or that’s what seems to be coming out of the legal mumbo jumbo concerning my efforts to get guardianship of my physically disabled daughter.) above descriptive words are apparently no longer needed…..hummmmm… but I just thank God that daughter’s fetus was not aborted, and at age 46, and that she has shown no transgender tendencies, during the diversity of her care, for the period of time that the State of Missouri has been her guardian,

    The court proceedings have been very similar to would have probably been seen in the Hitler and Stalin Regimes in Germany before WWII, however, in my opinion…so perhaps we no longer live in the land of the Free, at least for me, for the past 6 years. Policy State mentality is definately hard to fight, with all their Gestapo tactics. Anyone with ideas for what can be done to help correct these situations? The 6 years I have been trying to get guardianship of daughter certainly supercedes Trump, so nothing adverse due there….Obama, perhaps,… but government thinking has really shifted over the past 10 years or so..(.at lease in Missouri, in my opinion), and the laws that I am fighting against have been on the books here for years. Their interpretations and implementations have just shifted in the last 8 to 10 years toward trying to claim we are all mentally ill, or that mental illness takes precedence over all other disabilities. Or maybe it is just our Governors trying to fill up a new state mental institution? But that just shows it is already a police state!
    May Heaven Help Us All.

  3. Such ignorance…
    Trump lives in a sheltered, rich environment with no compassion for anyone. Remember the time he made fun of a man with a disability on air?

  4. A.A.V.B.

     /  January 24, 2018

    I have recently began reading, and enjoying, your blog. You have not posted in awhile so I just wanted to say that I hope that you are all right.

  5. The banned words also include “evidence-based” and “science-based”. So I guess they are to avoid anything to do with facts as well? lol what a joke

    • Well, we wouldn’t want to tarnish our upside down utopian fantasies with ACTUAL FACTS, would we?? It’s so much more satisfying to live in a fantasy world that fits our “ideals.”

      • To my astoundment, a day after the latest in a series of mass shootings, there are those who are taking to the cyber-waves with the anti-gun-control “Weapons don’t kill, people do” nonsense. And to my even greater dismay as someone living in Israel, they’re claimed my adopted country as ‘proof’ that a country can safely have lots of guns floating around – – conveniently ignoring the fact that the simple reason for this is that Israel has strict gun-control laws.

        • Indeed, Israel has incredibly tough gun laws. In my 6 years there, I saw terrorists neutralized twice, both times by reservists. I saw a citizen indicted for possession of too many rounds of ammunition (in spite of the fact that he came into possession of those rounds by picking up carelessly abandoned ammo at the shooting range).

          I’m sorry to say that I think Americans are going to have to adopt metal detectors at all school entrances. It’s a sad indictment of the “state of the Union,” that people feel they must express their anger by snuffing out the lives of innocents.


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