What You See Is What You Get

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  1. Oh I see their little staff that waits on them hand and foot! Wow, I wonder if he can even relate to the 99% of America!

  2. Hoo boy, what a fake family. His wife sure knows how to put on the dog. All those ridiculous poses and Trump is grinning like- well you can fill in the blank.

  3. I still can’t understand why anyone voted for him… On the other hand, I don’t really understand why so many folks in the UK voted to leave the EU either.

    The way I see it, we have two choices.
    1. Stop letting ordinary people have a vote
    2. Stop letting politicians run our countries.

    I don’t really agree with option one, so it’ll have to be option two.

    • Sigh.

      The truly terrifying part(s)?

      1) Trump is not a politician. He’s a large-scale grifter who came into the public eye via his penchant for buying beauty pageants (Miss Universe, for instance….) and later his predatory TV shows

      2) Nearly half of the voters in the ’16 presidential election really did vote for him.

      My disappointment with the quality of the American voter who seeks not the “Judeo-Christian values” that they seem to now use as a foil for white supremacy, but sets up instead this repulsive, repugnant demagogue whose sole aim appears to be to create a private club for the 1% superrich has pitched me into a state of chronic despondency. I remind myself of the Prophesies, how all of this has been predicted and that the end result will be Good, but I’m still terribly disappointed by the fact that the public repeatedly chooses the Low Road (in our tradition, there are two Roads to Redemption…we will get there regardless, because that is the Plan, but through free agency we can choose our path and thus have the opportunity to avoid the pain of the apocalypse…I fear that is a dim probability now, for it would literally require the entire world to repent en mass, right now!)

      From my perch over here, I do “get” the Brexit sentiment, but you just can’t turn the clock back and expect things to run like normal, after absorbing the economy into the EU and the world. Just does not compute. I was frankly shocked when Great Britain joined the EU in the first place, having always been very much Brittania, etc, and much to do with ruling rather than making nice and playing with the neighbors.

  4. Very 1976 ish that image.


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