“Girl commits suicide after being shut out of graduation”

As if living with childhood depression isn’t bad enough, this young teen’s school decided to exclude her from graduation festivities. It was the last straw.

Mental illness is not contagious, but the way it’s treated, you’d think it was.

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  1. thats so sad! people are so careless and ignorant. xx

  2. what complete idiots.

  3. Good Lord. What kind of school is that? They ought to be sued even though I don’t like to see that sort of thing happen. Those people were cruel and callous and then they stood up there like a pack of hypocrites and said wonderful things. It is beyond words.

    • It is. And it’s teaching a vicious lesson: “People with mental illness are ‘not us.’ They are aliens dangerous, to be avoided.” I think legal action is in progress, but way, way too late.

  4. sex line stories

     /  September 14, 2017

    this infuriates me! so at the point when this kid needed the support and care. The school thought it was better to ostracizer her with their clearly not professional or medical knowledge. What this school wanted was perfect kids so they looked good rather than helping kids who actually need it like they say they do!

    • You are exactly correct. And she’d been at that school since age 4! Like being rejected by family…being told she’s so fundamentally flawed, she’s not welcome at the wedding, as it were.

  5. It is definitely a statement of the time we live in,a sad reminder of how much work truly needs to be done
    Hey laura
    How goes it
    I hope all is well
    I miss that smiling face of yours
    And don’t try to tell me different

  6. What a bunch of insensitive and heartless assholes. That poor girl and her family.

    • Yes! Either there’s a lot that wasn’t revealed in this story, or the school wins the heartless asshole award. I really can’t fathom not making this unfortunate young lady welcome, with whatever accommodations were necessary for everyone’s comfort and safety.

  7. I’m just speechless. Such stupidity.

  8. Oh if only we were capable of reaching our children. Help them understand they are important, their lives have meaning, and assist them in navigating the ugly of life.


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