Depression Comics Hits a Homer

When I’m depressed, everything is all about the fact that I’m shit. Other people’s reactions are iron-clad proof that I’m shit….right?

In this comic, Clay brings a new perspective. I’m going to paste this one to the insides of my eyelids.

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  1. this comic is truly so very sad. we often forget the impact we have on others, not just the impact they have on us. it made me want to cry.

    • He really nailed this one, for me. I’m thinking of a particular friend who I thought was giving me the cold shoulder, recently. I reached out to him and we met for tea. Immediately I saw the huge dark weight that was sitting on him, weighing him down so he could hardly move. Talk about wanting to cry….I felt doubly bad that I had thought he was snubbing me, when actually he was dying of depression!

  2. sex line stories

     /  September 9, 2017

    the prob with this is that people just don’t have time to notice anyone in need even when they have no issues themselves. So god help anyone who is in a similar situation. It must be the loneliest place x

  3. Very true about depression Makes one feel like crap. And one can only focus on the negative. Feeling hopeless and helpless does not help either. No motivation to do anything is the biggest bummer.


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