Police State?

‘This is crazy,’ sobs Utah hospital nurse as cop roughs her up, arrests her for doing her job


If you think there’s something afoot…a pattern developing…you may be right.

Watch this clip. Then think carefully.

Just as the citizens of Texas knew the storm was coming, we see the gathering clouds of “law and order” organizing. The Rule of Law that we counted on for protection has shifted. Now the police are being provided with military weaponry…for what? Who is the “enemy” they plan to attack with rocket propelled grenades? You? Me? The nurse who commands the burn unit, whose job is to protect the helpless?

Stay alert. Stay nimble. And above all, be prepared. It’s going to be stormy out.

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  1. I read about the Utah nurse being arrested. She was roughed up and handcuffed. It is quite clear to me that he officer who over-stepped his authority, needs another job. First of all removing a health care worker from a critical unit should be a violation of the law. She was not obstructing anything. Hospitals have very clear cut ethics rules and they must be followed to the hilt. There is the HIPPA law as well. That is bull crap to say they needed the blood to protect the patient who was innocent of the crash anyhow. What is this country coming to? There is some kind of crap involving police just about every day. Frankly I am scared.

  2. scary and scarier every day, and so so disgusting. i have experienced similar treatment more than once with police, ending up being held for days while they try to find something to charge me with and then can’t so they let me go. i was sexually assaulted by police, but their word was stronger than mine. so i am not so surprised to see this but it is still a sad sad day.

  3. I agree 100%…
    I also believe that is what our so called government is wanting a police state … keep eyes wide open and be vigilant at all times… times are getting really scary…

    • I just hope enough people wake up in time…

      • Me too…
        You can only help wake up some people … some refuse to wake up…
        I’ve been watching and learning for about 8+ years but find often others think either you are crazy or you are telling them lies… I rather be alone and awaken then when the shitt hits the fan follow the sheeple…

  4. Only one thing happens with guns and now military arsenal…..something BAD

  5. This was BS! I read all about this when it happened. That officer was an asshole.

    • Unfortunately, I’ve met a whole lot of assholes who give off these “thin blue line” vibes that to me are really dangerous. I was heartsick that this truly valiant nurse got traumatized, but not particularly surprised, since the Thug In Chief publicly encourages this type of cretinism.

  6. FML

     /  October 12, 2017

    A quick update on this. The officer was fired and his supervisor was demoted. Of course it to the release of the video and resulting reactions to make it happen. Still, it’s not nothing.


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