Police State? #2


Take a look.

Guy is speeding on his motorcycle. Unidentified second dude appears, purposefully clutching semiautomatic pistol aimed at motorcycle rider, demanding this and that. No uniform, no badge.

Rider is terrified and pleading.

What I’m thinking: If the biker, knowing his life is in mortal danger, pulled his own weapon and shot the motherfucker who is threatening his life, would he be jailed for “cop killing?” He has absolutely zero indication that this is not some random thug. But this motorcyclist isn’t even the type who packs heat when he rides. He’s just, you know, some dude out for a ride, no threat to anyone but himself.

How about instead of issuing more weapons to the police, we take them away? I don’t see them making any difference in the violent crime rate, unless you consider the contributions made by police bullets against unarmed citizens.

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  1. just because you work as a cop doesn’t mean you get to take the law into your own hands when you are off duty and be a vigilante.

  2. The US has too many vigilantes. Citizens can have open carry permits or not, The thought of throwing their weight around goes to people’s head, On duty police are trigger happy too.

    I saw on Internet news where a woman pointed her licensed to carry gun at another shopper because they both wanted the last notebook,. Guns go to some folks head We, as a nation, in a deep pile of doo-doo all because politician cave to demands that are not in the interest of the general population,

    • Although I do have a concealed carry permit, which I use when I’m camping by myself in dodgy places, I’m of the opinion that if someone uses their weapon to intimidate or harass or threaten or any other inappropriate action, they should be banned permanently from gun ownership. I don’t care if they’re a cop or a civilian, on duty or off. Deadly force is deadly force and must be treated as such. That is how my gun toting companions in the Wild West taught me and I stick by it!

  3. This is why I have a video camera in my car also!


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