“Girl commits suicide after being shut out of graduation”

As if living with childhood depression isn’t bad enough, this young teen’s school decided to exclude her from graduation festivities. It was the last straw.

Mental illness is not contagious, but the way it’s treated, you’d think it was.

How Chronic Pain Killed My Husband — Pain News Network


Depression Comics Hits a Homer


When I’m depressed, everything is all about the fact that I’m shit. Other people’s reactions are iron-clad proof that I’m shit….right?

In this comic, Clay brings a new perspective. I’m going to paste this one to the insides of my eyelids.

Police State? #2


Take a look.

Guy is speeding on his motorcycle. Unidentified second dude appears, purposefully clutching semiautomatic pistol aimed at motorcycle rider, demanding this and that. No uniform, no badge.

Rider is terrified and pleading.

What I’m thinking: If the biker, knowing his life is in mortal danger, pulled his own weapon and shot the motherfucker who is threatening his life, would he be jailed for “cop killing?” He has absolutely zero indication that this is not some random thug. But this motorcyclist isn’t even the type who packs heat when he rides. He’s just, you know, some dude out for a ride, no threat to anyone but himself.

How about instead of issuing more weapons to the police, we take them away? I don’t see them making any difference in the violent crime rate, unless you consider the contributions made by police bullets against unarmed citizens.

Police State?

‘This is crazy,’ sobs Utah hospital nurse as cop roughs her up, arrests her for doing her job


If you think there’s something afoot…a pattern developing…you may be right.

Watch this clip. Then think carefully.

Just as the citizens of Texas knew the storm was coming, we see the gathering clouds of “law and order” organizing. The Rule of Law that we counted on for protection has shifted. Now the police are being provided with military weaponry…for what? Who is the “enemy” they plan to attack with rocket propelled grenades? You? Me? The nurse who commands the burn unit, whose job is to protect the helpless?

Stay alert. Stay nimble. And above all, be prepared. It’s going to be stormy out.