Transactivism is making a mockery of the fight against female genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation and surgical gender reassignment: do they have anything in common? Renee issues a passionate scholarly call to wake up and climb out of the PC muck. Please read and share and by all means follow Renee’s excellent blog!

writing by renee

About three years ago, Lisa Irwin, who identifies as a transwoman, travelled from New Zealand to Bangkok for gender reassignment operations. “I hoped that it would make me feel totally complete, as a “woman”,” says Lisa. “So I could get on with my life and start enjoying it.”

Things did not go according to plan.

the surgeon pretty much stuffed things up. Sometimes I can be sitting here and next thing it’s like someone’s got a knife and just starts stabbing me. I instantly knew it was wrong, it was kind of like I got hit by a big truck. I had to come back here to New Zealand, where there was nothing they could do for me.

Lisa now lives with daily pain, having experienced genital mutilation in the name of identity and medicine.

This experience was relayed earlier this year on a TV1 documentary called Born This Way

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  1. Good to see you Hope all is well
    As Sheldon Always

  2. Perhaps this went over my head..but I am not a feminist scholar..but I did read her last comment and was..somewhat confused by her can read it and tell me if you understand it..though it really doesn’t matter in the end I suppose…

    I am vehemently opposed to FGM and always have been. It is also happening in the US and the US government has knowledge of this. It is wrong and should be eradicated..period.

    I am confused at her comparing transgender activism to FGM, the patriarchy..etc. In her last reply at the end..she says it doesn’t matter under this..this..this..etc.
    What I will say is that I am also vehemently opposed to any surgical, hormone therapies, etc. for anyone under the age of eighteen years old. Period. I consider it child abuse due to the unknown future effects on the body..and also some we are now seeing due these treatments being performed.

    As for gender reassignment surgery in general..I tend to lean towards Johns Hopkins they have been at the forefront the longest…and I think there are many underlying causes and psychological issues in these I main concern that I see going on is with children and adolescents right now.

    It is good to see you posting. I always enjoy reading your posts. Hope you are well, Laura. xxx

  3. I have no idea what to say about transgender other than I’ve not personally spoken to anyone that has made the transition. I feel for those folks since what I’ve read, the feeling of not being the sex, that you were born with, is a miserable one. I’ve read about trans people and most of what I read said, that the brain did not develop according to the hormones or vice versa. I don’t remember exactly how it was worded. According to some writings and research, the mix occurs as the fetus is developing in utero.

    It must be a horrible life. One that is far worse than folks who identify as lesbian or homosexual.

    • I’m mystified. Being a pediatrician, I’ve seen plenty of children (!). I can count on one hand the kids I’ve seen who really were gender dysphoric. I mean, I myself refused to believe I was a girl until confronted with absolute proof at the age of 12. Even then the whole thing pissed me off. Maybe I’ll write a post about it…I haven’t felt inspired to write lately, maybe this will get me started….but I’m sure you know what I mean, that in previous generations, parents were not seeking gender reassignment surgery for their school age children….

  4. Female genital mutilation is horrifying.

  5. FGM can only be described as abuse.

    I think the problems that most Transgender folks face could be easily avoided if folks just got a grip and let kids be kids. So, a boy child wants to wear a dress? Fine, let him. It might just be a phase, it might not, but the important thing is that the child in question knows that he is loved regardless of clothing or toys. If people could get a grip and be more relaxed about kids playing and trying out things, then perhaps we’d stop producing quite so many messed up adults. Just a thought, anyway.

    I think it basically comes down to love and respect and smashing the patriarchy! 😉


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