Hold The Mayo!  (Unless You Have Private Insurance)

The big news this week swirls around the now Officially Failed horrible Republican “health care bill.”  A prime reason for its failure is that the GOP cannot scrape up enough warm bodies to pass it.  Prior to the recent defections of two more Senators, one of whom cannot support it because it’s too liberal, is the mysterious illness of Senator John McCain, R-AZ.

Mr. McCain, 81, is recovering from surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ, where he had a blood clot removed from somewhere in his skull.  “Above the eye,” is what the media says, but looking at the structures “above the eye,” I only see places in the skull: the frontal sinuses being the most proximal.  Why anyone would have a blood clot there will remain a mystery until someone reveals it.

But never mind that.  I want to talk about HOW John McCain got his surgery, at the age of 81, at the prestigious Mayo Clinic.  You see, I myself sought out an appointment there, for treatment of my badly mangled left wrist.  You know, the one that has been in a splint now for almost two years.  Mayo Clinic is really good at difficult cases, or so they say.  So I called their appointment desk.

The Mayo Clinic knows how to pick their front-end staff.  Extremely polite and professional in every way, including the part where, after expressing certainty that their world-class surgeons can fix you, they tell you sympathetically (yet firmly) that the Mayo Phoenix does not accept Medicare.  Do you, perhaps, have other insurance?  No?  Oh, here: If you don’t mind travelling, call the home office in Rochester, MN.  They do accept Medicare.

Except they don’t, really.  When I called them, they already had my information that the Phoenix people had forwarded on.  

“We don’t have any appointments,” the extremely firm appointment lady said.  Firmly.

“No appointments?  Into the future?  None at all?”


“But I thought your hospital accepts Medicare.”

“We do.  We simply don’t.  Have.  Appointments.”

If John McCain had to rely on Medicare, like the vast majority of the older Americans he claims to represent rely on Medicare, he too would face the “No Appointments” dilemma.  But he’s a Public Servant.  And therefore he’s treated to the best of the best when it comes to health care and how to pay for it.  Carte blanche for them, no copays, no limits, no nothing.

I say let our elected officials–all of them–live with exactly what they dish out to the people they live off of.  After all, they live off of our tax dollars!  Why should they get the creme de la creme when I get the bum’s rush, simply because I’m old and not rolling around in the pork barrel?

Hold the Mayo, John.  And I wish you a full recovery, with plenty of time to think about how life would be if you weren’t rich and powerful.

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  1. Excellent post and I agree 100% with every word, The GOP are all bastards and should suffer in the same manner as those who are on Medicare. But it does not stop since they want to reduce Medicaid as well. Trump really is doing a number on a lot of folks and his supporters still have not caught on that in the end they will be receiving less than humane treatment and will be paying taxes that will benefit the rich. So sad that folks don’t read and think ahead of what is to come with this administration.

    • It floors me that working people are still buying the hoax he sold them, thinking he is going to bring fossil fuel back to Colorado, steel to wherever, etc. And sucking trillions of dollars out of the poor, aged, and disabled. The Great American Huckster! You’re correct, they don’t read…otherwise they’d know he’s a professional crook. God help us.

  2. sex line stories

     /  July 18, 2017

    Bloody scary what’s going on right Now! It’s like there’s no human understanding. We are so lucky here with the NHS

  3. Amen, amen, amen! I want everyone in the country to have the Exact Same Health Care.

  4. fmclaren

     /  July 18, 2017

    You know, even though I don’t live in the States, it boggles my mind with this medical fiasco. I hope to God that something changes, because as a person who suffers a life long medical condition, I don’t know what I’d do if I lived in America. Unfortunately, it is firmly on my list of places not to move to!

  5. It should be a paradox, instead of being the norm. The modern practice of medicine makes me sick. I can’t afford to reap the so-called “benefits” I’m paying insurance premiums for. Coverage is denied based on my policy, or the out-of-pocket expense for treatment, medical or dental, is so extreme I can’t afford to pay it. If I were to save my insurance premium money, instead of throwing it at insurance administrators, I might be able to get my teeth fixed, or have my blood tests done, especially if they reduced their prices based on income level. But paying insurance should mean that I can afford to get my teeth fixed, or have a blood test, without paying exorbitant added out of pocket expenses. Insurance should cover what I need, regardless of what I need, because it’s what I need. The last blood test was almost a thousand dollars, and the last time I checked about my teeth, to get two properly fixed would cost more than $3K out of pocket. I’ll just let my blood either kill me or keep me alive, dealer’s choice, and I’ll just have to let the teeth rot, or if I can, get the teeth pulled, which is ridiculous based on what I’ve paid in. The premiums were raised after Obamacare, by $5200 a year, from what they were before Obamacare, and the Obamacare administrators refused to help me when I called to inquire. It’s stupid to pay for a benefit when it’s not a benefit.

    • Wow that’s awful. Are you saying that you were covered by the same insurer before the ACA, and that after the ACA took effect your plan got worse than it was before? I’d really like to understand what happened in your case. Thanks for participating in the discussion! This is how we learn what’s working and what’s not.

      • yes, I opted for the same coverage from my company as I had the previous year, and the coverage increased cost by $200 a paycheck, for the same alleged benefits I couldn’t afford to take advantage of before Obamacare. We contacted Obamacare due to our limited income and we are ineligible for their insurance options because we “earn too much.” Why do I have to be helpless before anyone will “help” me?

  6. It should be the same for all … imagine that though … if my case managers were to live off $35 a week, and no medical cover, I bet they’d be changing the rules pronto!
    And this dude; if he had to wait for a ‘no appointment’ appointment, I bet he’d be changing the rules of engagement pretty fast!

    • Exactly. $35 a week?! How do you manage to keep alive?

      • I’m resourceful 😉 I don’t buy anything e.g. clothing etc and barter where I can. I have enough for minimal medical expenses and the internet, which is my lifeline, and thats it.
        My partner pays for everything household related. For now.
        I’d like to see our politicians try to live like this!

        • Me too. For every law or bill that affects the standard of living of the poor, I want every congressman who voted for it to live it for the duration of their term(s), or the duration of the law, whichever is longest. Then we would have fair legislation!

  7. Good post Laura, and recent too. I agree 100 percent.


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