The endocannabinoid system: an explanation for cannabis enthusiasts

Here’s a treat for your brain.  Knowledge is power…learn up!

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  1. Hi Laura,
    This is a bit off the topic of cannabis. BTW is the plant called cannibas because it is cane-like? On another topic:
    I met a lady, here in Israel, who is hearing impaired and she is interested in finding a dog trainer that help deaf people or hard of hearing, by training dogs to be a second pair of ears. One can get lights on the door and phone, but that doesn’t solve the problem of being out of doors. She doesn’t hear her phone, if it’s tucked in her bag. And doesn’t hear sirens.
    But when she is with a friend with a dog, the dog will start barking. I know that there are many hearing devices like a sound conveyor for hearing speakers or actors.
    When she is crossing the street, (legally) sometimes a motorbike comes out of the blue on the sidewalk- a potential hazard. Just an idea for you.

    • Shalom Chava Ida, blessings. I miss my home very much!

      I’m not quite sure what you’re wanting to say here. Do you need information on hearing assistance dog trainers in Israel?

      שבת שלום,
      ליבא פייגא שולמן

  2. Laura 😊 Great read!
    I just don’t get how such a great plant got such a bad rep. So sad.
    I need to see how Wisconsin is doing on their measure… Dang Madigan got his budget thru and income tax for me will go up $2000.00 (Married) that’s insane! I need to find another state. Preferably, with legal Marijuana! 😎
    Are you still in Arizona? Hope you’re staying cool cucumber. 😊

    • Cannabis initially got its bad rep because it was popular among jazz musicians (and Queen Victoria, who is said to have used it to treat menstrual cramps). Now the problem is that IT WORK$$$$$$. Big Pharma has lots of cannabinoid-analog pills in the pipeline. Not good if plebes can Trotsky down to the corner dispensary and pick out medicine that works better than pills!

  3. I like cannabis. Keep it going on!

  1. The endocannabinoid system: an explanation for cannabis enthusiasts — Bipolar For Life – jimmyinspazzz

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