Watch “Permafrost: The Tipping Time Bomb” on YouTube

Don’t believe that human contributions to climate change make a difference?

Don’t believe any of this stuff is real?

Are you an intelligent human being?

Watch this clip.

(If you DO believe in the above, you can still watch this ๐Ÿ˜„)

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  1. This is so Scarry! No one that can make real changes really cares!

  2. Well, we have lots of educated and un-educated folks that don’t believe in climate change. When I first knew about climate change I thought, but have never verbalized my thoughts to anyone, that at some point in time Earth will destroy itself. Eventually it will become too hot for human habitation and I can’t envision how scientists could possible be able to concoct anything that would allow humans or animals to survive.

    The melting of the ice bergs, perma frost,etc is very real but the present administration is trying to nix everything that was being done by the US and other countries to protect this planet. At any rate I think the human race is doomed. There are too many people which of course adds to greater pollution and that is just one aspect of the problem,

    Nice post. I bet you had only a few people read this post. Most people don’t give a rats rear end.

    • My father placed Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” in my hands in 1962, the year it was published. I was 10 years old. From that time on, I have been connected with environmental studies in one way or another. During the past decade I thought that, since we did manage to patch up the ozone layer, things might slow down some, but it seems that filthy lucre has won out in the end, and I’m afraid the end it will be, sooner than later. Certainly there have been climate cycles, even in recent history around 200 years ago, when we had a “mini ice age.” But science shows over and over and over that this much carbon load leading to warming could not have been due to the current natural cycle. Oh well. You’re right, on that last point….


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