The Land of the Thieves…

…and the home of the Deranged.

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    • “Oh say does that Star Spangled
      Banner yet wave…
      Over the Land of the Thieves….”

      (A commentary on what must be a terrifying epoch of history, to the souls of those who fought to make this land a Land of Opportunity, not just for the rich and depraved, but for all who were willing to invest the sweat of their brows…)

  1. Yes Dr. Laura, you got that right. I knew immediately what you meant by the “Land of the Thieves. Model T is taking or should say stealing from the poor to give to the rich. We live in dire times. I don’t celebrate holidays anyhow and no, I’m not a JW. I just don’t care anymore because my family is very small and scattered.

    • Hi Yvonne, this is a day to read the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. My 4th grade teacher, who was otherwise an abusive nightmare, made me memorize it, as punishment for watching the birds playing free outside. It was no problem, as I could memorize anything at that time; and it stood me in good stead through the Nixon nightmare and the Viet Nam war. I’ve published the text in the next post. Read and hope.

      • Interesting experience. You probably have a photographic memory. My daughter does. I’ll look uo the Preamble. I think I learned that in grade school but my memory is fuzzy. Little did yor teacher know that he/she was doing you a favor.


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