“Nobody Dies For Lack of Health Care”

From the “Please tell me I didn’t really hear this” files, a glimpse into the outlandish minds of the Rich And Powerful Right:


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  1. He is so full of sh** I wonder if he would like to prove it by not getting insured for the rest of his sorry life. We will check back in ten years to see if he is still alive and kicking.

    • The actual figure that emerged from the RESEARCH done by the Obama admin when determining the scope of the problem is: approximately 48,000 people die each year as a direct result of not having health insurance.

  2. This is what happens when folks can’t use common sense and are unable to filter out politicians that talk, look and, act like a liar. I still can’t understand how so many people were brain washed by Model T. This is the beginning of what looks like a dictatorship.

    I am very concerned that innocent Mexicans or those with only minor infractions of the law, are being deported. This is not Russia yet Model T. seems to be emulating his buddy Putin.

    The current administration is all about money with total disregard for the poor and the needy. Will it get worse? Yes, I believe that it will.

    • The problem is that many people nowadays just want to point the finger and blame….SOMEBODY.

      I’m very nervous watching him making alliances with the notorious dictators of the world. Next I expect to see him meeting with Ismail Haniyeh, the new/old leader of Hamas (he hid out in Lebanon with Hezbollah for a few years because Bibi was gunning for him, now he’s back). Abbas will surely brief him on how to turn 4 years into 11 (dictator math)

      As Walt Kelley would have said of he’d been around, “We is in deep shit.”

      • Yes Dr. Laura, “we is in deep shit” and people don’t realize what/who they voted into power. Everyday there is a new wrinkle coming from the WH or the GOP. I can hardly bear to read the news.

  3. sex line stories

     /  May 8, 2017

    Thats disgusting! how people like that get in power is beyond me

    • The rich and powerful are buying their way into office, is how. On top of that, the common person seems to have lost their faculty of discernment. I chalk a lot of it up to the addiction to television, which has robbed the American populous of everything from moral compass to common sense, while glorifying money and power, and downplaying kindness and charity.

  4. Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement !!

  5. Hi Laura – I haven’t seen any posts from you for a while – are you OK?

    After PainKills2 so mysteriously disappeared I’m worried about all the other people in pain that I “know”. These are horribly difficult times for us and all I can do is hope we find the strength to make it through this darkness. I hear there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and I want us all to stick around long enough to see it.

    • Hi Zyp, thank you so much for caring enough to reach out! It means a lot.

      I totally understand. We’ve lost a number of our warriors in the past year. I get anxious when I don’t hear from someone who is habitually a regular poster.

      I tell you what: I don’t even know what to write about anymore. The fact that nearly half of the voting public opened the doors to a crude, crass criminal and his family machine, and the fact that there seem to be so many in government who are quite happy about it, has thrown me off kilter.

      I’m hanging out in the wilderness most of the time, letting my mind air out. I don’t have cell service much of the time. That helps, because that way I can’t be obsessively checking the wires for the next horror show. It does cut down on my online social life, and I know I’m neglecting my relationships. I feel like a rat trying to find its way off a sinking ship, but the ship turns out to be the entire planet. I’m not at all suicidal. I just don’t like it here.

      Now I’m near Lake Tahoe. In a few weeks I’ll be in Oregon. Aren’t you in Oregon?

      How are you holding up?

  6. I had to come to see you
    Some how I misplace you
    I hope all is well
    Me,that’s a whole other story
    As Sheldon Always

  7. Hello Laura – thanks so much for getting back to me. The least I could do is return the favor, and I’ve been “trying” to reply for days without success. Why am I so darn good at procrastinating?

    I live in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve been renting this “rustic” small cabin in the coastal mountains for over 20 years, even though I originally only moved in for the summer.

    It’s very hard not to be depressed these days – my spirit staggers beneath the weight of my leaden forebodings. But being surrounded by nature’s exuberant display of springtime really helps. I just try to keep my focus on that.

    • Geez, we seem to be in a national depression. I’m glad you have a cabin in Nature to help you. Nature is always my source of healing. At the moment I’m high up on the Truckee watershed, in a spot that has way too many people riding dirt bikes and target shooting, but it has trees, and I’m glad they have a place to do what they enjoy (as long as I see very little of them).

      Next week I’ll be heading to Santa Rosa for the Cannabis Cup. Is that near you at all? I love meeting my blogging friends when that happens to work out.


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