Trump says he thought being president would be easier than his old life | Reuters

In the “What could they possibly have been thinking when they elected a petulant child to the White House” department:

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  1. Max T Fourd

     /  April 28, 2017

    Well,you know,the word would be “Resign”….No big deal…

  2. Apparently Model T had been living in la la land. He lived a charmed life in his opulent Trump tower. Anyone with a smidgen of common sense would know that being president is not like attending a banquet or living the high life.

    He continues to stun me with his childish remarks and behavior He needs to almost constantly remind others how well he did in the election plus all that he has accomplished since becoming president.

    • Indeed. It’s embarrassing, his combination of grandiosity and ingenuousness.

      I went down the link rabbit hole on this one, reading Trump interviews all the way back to the 90’s. Not surprisingly, he sounded exactly the same even then. What shocked me is that he got elected (with a little help from Boris and Natasha, but he did). What’s disappointing about that is that almost half the voting public either think he’s someone he actually isn’t, or, worse, actually share his world view.

      • It’s not just disappointing but frightening to see how people’s mind work, acting as if he is the next coming of their Lord and savior. Honestly these dim witted folks, I think, have the Stockholm syndrome I think he actually brainwashed the crazies with all his repetitive rhetoric. So called educated people voted for him. It gives me the willies just thinking about how out country has changed. Too many people are heartless.

        • I think this is an illustration of the power of Fatah Morgana, the illusion otherwise known as mirage.

          Some of the Trump supporters, possibly a majority, are truly seeking positive change. They were fed up with the previous admin and its slick duplicity. They wanted serious change, which they certainly have got.

          The problem is that they accepted the statement “we will make changes” at face value, never really working through what those changes would look like. They didn’t background check the players, even in the most superficial way. They didn’t run the numbers. They didn’t ask the essential questions, “Who, What, When, Where, and How?”

          And now, when many of these innocents see the result of their blind faith in this reactionary government they have put into place, they recoil in horror…I hope. It would be even more terrifying to think that those who claim to love our beautiful country are sitting in their comfy living rooms applauding at the gutting of environmental protections, health care, education, social welfare, legal protections, financial protections, and the shoring up of the vicious religious Right.

          We’re in deep doo-doo, my friend.

          • Yes, I keep telling everyone that we are at the tipping point to total disaster and devastation but folks just keep idly nodding and ho-humming and saying it’s going to get better- just takes time. People have a hard time facing reality and that is what they did not do when Model T was running for the repubs nominee.

            I feel T’s rehortic and bull maure is much like Hilter and how he conned the folks in Germany. Once he got a foot hold it was too late. I worry daily about what is happening. God save our country.

  3. And I think his worst and lasting legacy will be the permission he has given to the vicious haters and the enemies of decency.


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