Article: Cannabis compound may halve seizures for patients with severe epilepsy

Cannabis compound may halve seizures for patients with severe epilepsy

Um, yeah.  

Ohio State University scientists have proven what those of us who have been using the herb medicinally have known for years: Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a powerful antiepileptic medicine.  The article mentions a few of the other conditions and illnesses that CBD is known to help.

And in the tradition of medications being used precisely because of their side effects (think belladonna [atropine] which dries up respiratory secretions), note that the only side effects to CBD mentioned are sedation and appetite loss.  Useful, those, in certain circumstances.

While this publication is great news for helping to refute idiot attorneys general who still think cannabis has no medical benefit, it’s also cause for caution: right now the biggest threat to unrestricted adult use is…Big Pharma!

Yes, Big Pharma knows good medicine when it smells the scent of Big Money.  And friends, cannabis is big money, no matter how you cut it.

Big Pharma would much rather see the money from cannabis medicine in its own pocket, and we all know that Big Pharma has lots of senators and other influential players in its own pockets.

One chilling example: Arizona’s 2016 ballot measure that would have legalized adult use was narrowly shot down, largely due to a fierce anti-cannabis campaign bankrolled by the drug giant Insys, which is quartered in Arizona.  Insys produces a large proportion of the synthetic opioid fentanyl that is produced in the U.S.  Fentanyl is used in anesthesia and various delivery systems for treating pain.  It’s also been the culprit in many of the recent opioid overdose deaths we hear so much about.

You may be thinking: oh, right, statistics show that in states with legal cannabis, opioid prescriptions decline by about one-third.  So of course an opioid manufacturer doesn’t want that!

It gets worse.

Seems that Insys was just on the point of rolling out its first synthetic cannabinoid, a THC analog that is pretty much redundant not only because there are already synthetic THC products on the market, but also because anyone with a medical marijuana card can get their THC straight from the source.  

But that’s “not good for business,” as Texas Senator Ted Cruz pointed out when I mentioned that rolling back clean air laws is not good for children.  So Insys spent half a million bucks a couple of weeks before the election on a rabid T.V. ad campaign, spreading fear among the uninformed, mouthing the old saws about how marijuana causes violence, crime, unemployment, blah blah blah, and it worked.

So on one hand, the more good science, the more knowledge, the less fear, the better the public can understand and accept cannabis as medicine.

On the other, the more science, the more Big Pharma sees opportunity, the more danger that our access to this amazing plant could be once again restricted, in its natural form, in favor of…pills.

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     /  April 20, 2017

    Crooks run America…..Sad….

  2. Big Pharma needs to go away.
    I’ve been taking CBD oil lately, and can’t believe the results.
    I donate money to a woman in England that has many seizures a day. I told her about CBD and she’s started taking it and is amazed with the results. She’s not seizure free, but 80% down on the amount and length of them.
    This dang government has all its pockets lined with company money.
    Lastly… I can’t believe I’ve not moved to a state that its legal in.
    I also can’t believe Illinois hasn’t legalized it and taxed the shyt out of it to get out of our red budget.

    • It’s gonna take Republican voters demanding their rights as law abiding Americans, to get proposed legislation passed that will make cannabis legal nationwide and stop the idiocy once and for all.

      Unfortunately, Big Pharma is not going to go away. We need laws that will protect GRASSROOTS herbal cannabis while promoting drug discovery. There will always be a place for canna-derived pharmaceuticals. Just let our people use the herb #FreeWeed !

  3. I still need to catch up on my reading. But I saw this this morning and had to share it with you. Trevor Noah is South African so I love him, and I agree as the ex-wife of an alcoholic that booze is more dangerous than marijuana. Have a giggle []

  4. I also had tried the oil, but it is expensive. I wish Big Pharma had to suffer the pain we all do. And Pieces alcohol is more dangerous, my ex’s daughter died at 32 from being an alcoholic.

  5. There’s also something in cannabis that helps reduce inflammation and itching which means for me with my eczema and for folks with other dermatitis like psorisis, it would be very useful.

    It all coming back to money and power is really rather saddening.

    • Hi there! So nice to see you.

      The anti-inflammatory stuff in cannabis is fortunately mostly also present in its non-psychoactive cousin, the hemp plant. In reasonable countries, hemp products are freely available. Hemp seed oil is not as rich in cannabinoids as hemp flower oil, or whole plant hemp extract (which are both hard to find and expensive), but better than nothing.

      You can make your own lovely healing balm by melting the following items together in a double boiler:

      1 lb organic coconut oil
      1 pt hemp seed oil (whole plant hemp oil is much better, if you can find it)
      1 oz jojoba oil
      1 oz organic shea butter
      1 oz bee’s wax, flaked (you can omit this, but the balm will not have as good “staying power” and will feel more oily)

      Heat this over hot water until everything is melted. Stir it until it’s blended, then turn off the heat and continue to stir it intermittently till it stops trying to separate. Pour it into jars and voila! Best used daily while the skin is still damp from bathing. You can medicate your balm with pure organic essential oils. I like to put a few drops of tea tree and rose into my balm when it’s cooling, before putting into jars. These oils are antibiotic and antifungal, so it helps right off the bat.

      You can make purpose-built sub-batches with things like oil of chamomile, to heal flare-ups, with a little French lavender oil for good measure….literally endless possibilities. Fun, too!


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