Dog Sacrifices Life to Save Wedding From Terrorist « Clarion Project

A heartwarming story, 21st Century style.

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  1. WHat a story
    Great find
    As Sheldon Always

    • A very sad commentary on the state of the world, if dogs have to protect their people’s homes against teenage girl suicide bombers….”what a brave new world, that has such creatures in’t”

  2. I just could not go to the link and read about the blown up dog. But I’ll be again.


    • Aww, Yvonne, I’m sorry. The article doesn’t go into details, except to say that the suicide bomber was a teenager girl 😦

      I thought it was a cruel commentary on the state of humanity that the topic of the article was the dog who sacrificed himself, but the fact that someone’s teenage daughter was used for a bomb was skimmed over, as if this is a normal everyday occurrence. I guess it is, in some places…

  3. It has become a perilous time in the world. It is so sad to daily hear of more killings all over the world. What a sweet sacrifice made of a beloved dog protecting the ones he loved. May the Lords love shine brightly over us as these terrorists kill for no reason.

    • I too pray for the enlightenment of the entire world!

      “When they love their children more than they love death, only then will there be peace.”
      –Golda Meir (I may have paraphrased a bit, but it should be close)

  4. Horrifying.

  1. Really a heartwarming story – Global pet lovers

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