Watch “10 things you didn’t know about orgasm | Mary Roach” on YouTube

Well, maybe you did know one or two.  But really, this is very entertaining!  Orgasm trivia.  Have fun!

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  1. Thank you! Hilarious and edifying.

  2. I’ve been down .any roads with you
    one thing I will say you are full of surprises

  3. It’s surprising how much there is to learn about this fascinating subject. I’m a big fan of research.. Anne

  4. I absolutely love TED talks and she was a lot of fun to watch!!

  5. Hi sweetie it is me Ava! I can read all of blog friends posts, but I cant answer because I lost my password. I feel so cut off from all of you so much. my ipad is messing up and I can’t reset a new password. the only way is to email you. I hope this at least gets to you Laura. Thanks, Ava

  6. Highly entertaining. Learned some scary things too!! 😂


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