Johnna Stahl’s Blog Memorial

Memorial for Johnna Stahl, aka painkills2 of All Things Chronic, is happening NOW. Click on the original post and stop by to read, watch, and listen to tributes to our dear Johnna, and to leave one of your own, if you wish.

Life of an El Paso Woman

Hi everyone. Today we celebrate our fellow blogger and friend Johnna Stahl’s life. Johnna’s loved ones held a memorial for her Friday in Houston. Johnna’s sister, Mary shared this beautiful video of Johnna’s photography and memorial with me. She asked me to share it with the blogging community. Please feel free to share any memories you have of Johnna aka painkills2 from the All Things Chronic blog in the comments. Feel free to also share poems, quotes, music and/or general comments. Johnna will be missed by many.


I’m so glad I had the pleasure of meeting her last July in Albuquerque. She was very nice and fun to talk to in person and via e-mail. Johnna was a huge supporter of my blog and writing career. She encouraged me to start writing my book and continue freelance writing after a five-year break. Although I haven’t finished the book yet, I intend to finish it later this year or in early…

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  1. I will miss her

  2. Just learned now. I’m devastated

    • I’m so sorry. I know this is a terrible way to find out….Kara and I have been trying to rig up a blog carrier pigeon service so we can let everyone know when it’s our time 😦

      I’m beginning to understand that this is part of the high-risk package: one’s fellow high-risk blogger buddies go on to their high-risk destinies. Just another proof that we are…

      • I’ve lost 2 precious friends in the past 6 months. I try telling myself – well, we’re blogging within specific health communities so chances are high that we’re going to lose friends. It doesn’t make it any easier. I am struck by how insignificant life really is. One day we’re here and the next we’re gone and as much as I want the world to stop and mourn with me this significant loss, life just carries on without missing a heartbeat. In life there is death, and I just have to accept that. You all did a lovely memorial….

        • You’ve had such a rough time this year, and it’s only April! I hope things settle down for a while. I can’t seem to catch my breath.

          We live in a Venn diagram of intersecting high-risk demographic groups. Not just the one, but whole flocks of rare bird conditions. We start with brain conditions such as bipolar or MDD. Knock off one or two decades life expectancy right there. Next the physical illnesses themselves, with their increased mortality. Add in social isolation. Knock a few more years off. Long term lithium? Kidney damage, thyroid dysfunction. And so on.

          The confluence of these influences, found in the overlap of the Venn diagram, can lead to quite a shock when you look at the resultant hot spot of excess mortality. It’s no wonder we’re dropping like flies, the older we get.

          • I know. Its frightening. But if I’m to be completely honest…. I can’t wait to go. I’m not suicidal. I just think the day to never ending day of the grind to survive; trying to squeeze a bit of joy or purpose out of each exhausting day… it can be brutal. And I’m so tired. I miss Johnna


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