That Big 420 In The Sky

Our dear friend Johnna has left this life.  We’re not exactly sure how or when.  More news soon, I hope.

In the meantime, I’m thinking of her fondly, wondering what she’s doing now.

What a dope!  I know what she’s doing!

In that Sweet Home in the Sky it’s always 4:20!

So as I light up, I’ll sing a little tune, and meditate on the Johnna quote for the day:

“I don’t care whether it’s Indica or Sativa. I care if it’s strong.”

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  1. She was such a strong, stormy, and fierce force that I never imagined this happening.
    I’m shaken, and surprised to be shaken. I find myself getting very attached to the regulars out here – people who know how different & difficult life is when pain is your constant companion.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, sharing the pain experience creates strong bonds.

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  3. I miss her very much. I was going through her blog and comments earlier. I went through the comments in my blog too. I’m sure she’s also eating chocolate and French fries with Ranch. Wow I just thought of something! When I went to Albuquerque last week, our hotel room number was 420. Maybe it was her giving me a sign 🙂

  4. laura, no! this can’t be :(. She was my rock on here; she listened to me many times. i may have never met her, but I counted her as one of my closest friends. i am very sad; i am going to go cry now and eat some chocolate and maybe smoke a bowl to remember her by.

    • Kat, I am so sorry. Johnna was s rock for so many of us. I hope you have a really good chocolate and bowl fix!
      Lisa of Life of an El Paso Woman, who was very close with Johnna, and I are plotting a blog party to celebrate her life. As soon as we get details worked out I’ll post an announcement. Until then, light one up for our dear friend!

  5. She was a great person with alot of passion. I will miss her. “I don’t care whether it’s Indica or Sativa. I care if it’s strong.” Yep.

  1. Celebrating Johnna’s Stahl’s Life – Life of an El Paso Woman

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