This Was My Life Before Arthritis

Pretty Little Dog:

This is my one and only CD, recorded in 2005.  It was a good start.  I have tons and tons more tunes!

I’m playing two different banjos here: the bright tinkly one is a 1910 A.C. Fairbanks Regent; the dark meditative one is an 1896 Fairbanks & Coles fretless.

Unlike the bluegrass-type banjo, my models do not have a resonator.  

In fact, you may notice that I’m not playing bluegrass at all here.

Bluegrass music, so named by Bill Monroe for the state of Kentucky, is known for its twangy volume.  It came into being as the radio made inroads into Appalachia and the mountains of the Southeast, which prior to the 1950’s were largely accessible only by horseback.

The music I play comes from the old-time tradition that predates bluegrass by 200 years and more.  It’s a music that is as hypnotic to play as it is to listen to.

My friend and teacher, Tommy Jarrell, used to say,

“When you get right, you will sound just like the rollin’ of a wheel.”

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  1. I would love to hear it but I can`t…wonder if it is because I am in Canada…oh dear, whats his name won`t let it cross the border. I`ll try at work and see if it works better on another computer.

  2. vevo777

     /  February 10, 2017

    I love this and am going to listen to them all. I love drunken sailor songs so that one is next. Very interesting history too

  3. I enjoyed so much listening to your playing, it is so good you have them on u tube. You play the banjo so well, but also thought how painful with arthritis!

  4. Hey Laura,

    You are so talented. I mean you are a storehouse of skills. How are you?Where are you these days?

    Love and light

  5. I love the pretty little dog tune! I’m going back to give the rest a listen. You are so talented! 😗

  6. I would like to hear these. Blocked in Israel.


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