Iranian Missiles Not Imaginary

According To Iranian Officials, Obama Administration Gave Unwritten Consent In The Nuclear Talks And In The JCPOA Negotiations For Iran To Develop Ballistic Missiles With A Range Of Only 2,000 km – That Is, Capable Of Striking Israel But Not Europe | MEMRI – The Middle East Media Research Institute

It seems that our last President was talking out of both sides of his mouth when it came to protecting everyday Israelis–and Europeans, and Americans, and the rest of Western Civilization.  

Read the report for yourself.  All of it.  It contains information that shocked me to my core.

As far as the reliability of the source: MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) is an organization that simply translates media from the Arabic, Farsi, and other Middle Eastern languages (as well as African languages) into English.  Their website (link above) is largely geared toward the academic and institutional audience, so much of its content is not accessible by non-affiliated individuals; however, plenty of content is open to the public.

MEMRI translates television from Middle Eastern sources such as the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic State, and Iranian sources.  Thus we can learn what these entities are learning from their media.

Especially shocking are the children’s TV programs and videos made by the above sources, teaching children everything from hatred of America to hatred of Christians and Jews.  This stuff is not staged.  It’s simply what’s there.

If your mind is not open to plain reality, please do open it.  Look at the evidence.  

I find that the vast majority of Westerners get their information from highly biased news sources such as NPR, the BBC, CNN, and the New York Times.  These outlets do not present the facts on the ground.  I believe it’s essential to look at primary sources–what the Arab world is sharing, and I don’t mean the incredibly watered-down English version of Al-Jazeera, which is entirely different from the Arabic edition.  You can read translations of the Arabic Al-Jazeera on the MEMRI site.

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Laura. I read it. I wasn’t shocked at all. I’m sorry you were.
    I wish there were better, should I say, I wish actual journalism still existed in the US.
    I don’t believe it does. I try to put together bits and pieces, with clips in real time.
    I still follow The Clarion Project, which you recommended.
    Be well. This all gets exhausting if you let it.
    Sending love. CC

    • Thanks, CC! It’s aggravating as hell to see that “The World” is buying The Big Lie. Even though it comes back to bite them again and again, they go like lemmings to try to squeeze the plain facts into their idealistic pigeon holes. Sigh.


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