Patient Abandonment: Personal Experience of an Ethicist

A patient receives prescription opioids after an accident—and no support from his physicians as he weans himself off.

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  1. “The moments that I was in withdrawal—all of the thousands of moments of genuine suffering—were the worst of my life.”

    When my doctor dumped me, he didn’t mention bupe or methadone, although I should’ve had those options. I’m not sure I would’ve reached out to an addiction clinic during my withdrawal, but obviously that would’ve been the way to go. I didn’t even think about it. If pain doctors wouldn’t help me, why would any other doctor?

    Because, say it with me now… doctors suck. (Present company excluded.) 🙂

    • Doctors anymore don’t take care of patients. They “see cases.” If your case interests them, lucky you! But if you’re a middle-aged woman, you’ll be hung out to dry. And this machine they call dependence, addiction, whatever….well, they know how to step on the gas, but nobody told them how to properly apply the brakes. Hard for me to grasp, since I did my training at a time when patient care was actually a “thing.” I mean, we had a whole curriculum on how to listen to patients (yours truly taught it). Imagine!

      Even so, we were not taught, nor did I learn in clinical training, how to withdraw a patient with iatrogenic opioid dependence. To tell you the truth, we didn’t see it that much in the general population. We also didn’t use the really powerful meds like they have today. Oral Demerol was considered the Pain Bomb, reserved for really catastrophic pain. I got Dilaudid ONE TIME, in years of multiplying ruptured discs, various surgeries….otherwise, the strongest I ever got was T3. I think the drug companies handing out samples of oxycodone might have contributed. I don’t know.

  2. Agree, totally…I even quit going to a specific MD when Drug Reps. started showing up. I believe the DRUG COMPANIES are trying to control the entire world, and they hook the Doctors in, by money incentives…so, basically it seems to be all about GREED…..and, NO, THE DOCTORS NOW DAYS REALLY DO NOT WANT TO SEE THEIR PATIENTS GET OFF ANY DRUGS, even when their “patient” (read VICTIM) probably SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PLACED ON THAT DRUG, to start with!!!!!!!!

    And there is NO HELP, anywhere, to try to fight against it!…It’s a very LOONNNGGGG story, and VERY disheartening, but has to do with my adult daughter, who was a victim of wild “friends” who introduced her to PCP, then the Psychiatrists introduced her to even more “LEGAL” drugs, after they changed her diagnosis to :Mentally ILL” in the Psych Ward they incarcerated her in after forcibly removing her from her home…it also involved my disagreeing with one doctor about seizure control medications that were not working…result was DFS says “mom is bad influence, and convinced Judge that State take GUARDIANSHIP, and blocked MOM entirely….and daughter STILL ON INAPPROPRIATE DRUGS, but God Willing, they have now, FINALLY got her on a seizure drug that seems to be finally working, …. AFTER SHE FELL in a shower while having a seizure, (that they say was STRESS istead)… and broke her arm that was not surgically corrected until a week later! Now, she has probably lost the use of that are,PERMANENTLY, for her lifetime!WAY TO GO, GOOD DOCTORS!

    But when I go bankrupt with fighting it, I can always get another truck and camper and live on the road, like you…(did it before, loved it,) and maybe we’ll cross paths sometime on the road and I could buy you a coffee. You’re a wonderful lady. And, you help keep some of us on the OK side of “sane”. Just wanted you to know! Hang in there, Laura…we all need you and love you.


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