Postcard From The Ol’ West

Hi!  We’re having a delightful stay in the sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy (KNOCK IT OFF, DORMOUSE!) border town of Deming, New Mexico.

People come here to be where it’s warm in the winter and cheap all the time!  It’s so cheap here, the K-Mart had to shut down because, well, there isn’t enough money for both a Wal-Mart AND a K-Mart in this town, pardner.

But it has roadrunners!  Lots of roadrunners!  I been trying to get a video to post for you, but those sonsabitches run like the devil was after ’em.  Stay tuned.

No tarantula sightings yet.  Guy I met yesterday says his dog catches the bastards, rips their legs off, and eats the bodies.  Says he finds piles of hairy giant spider legs he has to sweep up.  Put me in mind of the mess after a pile of wings.  With hair.

That’s about it for now.  Did I mention it’s cheap?   

I just rolled in after a few harrowing days on the road, a bit on the depressed side, everything is filthy and I have forced myself to rest on the Sabbath so that I can devote tomorrow to unloading my Silver Toaster so I can clean, clean, clean.  I hope to feel better fast.

I just found out why this place is so rotten with roadrunners.  The people here hand feed them with raw hamburger.  Meep, meep!

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  1. meep meep! Other than the one I have seen on cartoons, I have never seen a live roadrunner. I seriously thought they were the product of someone’s imagination for the longest time. hey, I am a city guy, remember? I’m lucky to see the stars at night, if I am able. Hope you are able to clean without too much difficulty. I still have two recycle bins to toss. I am slow to go down two flights of stairs because that means two flights back up. I will do it soon. Love ya buddy!

    • They actually look pretty much like the cartoon version. It seems odd to feed a bird with raw meat, since it’s usually, like, seeds and popcorn, bread, stuff like that, that I think of when I think of feeding birds out of my hand. But I guess they’re carnivores. They eat snakes, spiders, scorpions, stuff like that.

      Maybe you need a pulley rig to get your recycle containers down and back up? I rigged up a pulley one time when I lived on the fourth floor in Central Square, half a block from the Necco factory. It always smelled like Necco Wafers there! Place was full of rats and roaches. On trash day all I did was tie a piece of clothesline to my big sack of trash and lower away! Couldn’t put it out the night before because of the rats, and I’m not what you call an early riser, so that’s how it got done. In those days we didn’t have actual dedicated city trash cans, or recycling either. But I bet you could put pulleys and inclined planes to work for you!

  2. Laura, happy you are in warmer weather for the winter! It will be healthier for you! Never saw a roadrunner. Never been to New Mexico, but I hear it’s beautiful, and full of interesting native history. Enjoy! πŸ’› Christine

  3. I’m glad you made it back to the west and where it’s cheap. Your take on the roadrunners was hilarious. I sure hope you can get a video of them- killing a bit hairy spider. πŸ™‚

    • Oh believe me, I’ve got my finger on the “video” trigger at all times, in case of weird desert stuff sightings! This morning it was a tree loaded with doves. They were all lonesome πŸ˜‰

      How are you doing?

      • I’m ok. Thanks for asking. Don’t have time to do my own blogging while busy with my sis and my son. I just posted a vid about dogs and humans but I’ve not even had much time to reply to most of the comments. πŸ™‚

        • Something new happening with your sis? How’s your son coming along?

          • No nothing new except I spent “down” 6K on hearing aides that she will not wear. Says it’s too stressful now until “we” get everything done to her physically that needs fixing. Cataract surgery- both eyes. And getting a partial plate of about 4-5 teeth. She had 5 broken off teeth (with roots exposed) that she says did not hurt. How in the “h” is that possible. She didn’t even know the roots were still there. But she was a champ during the removal which took the oral surgeon less than 10 minutes. The cost- $945. Incredible. I am trying to spend down her paltry savings and getting her “fixed up.” But if she doesn’t eventually wear the hearing aides that is money thrown to the wind.

            My son is on disability now and still going to speech therapy. He speaks really good some days and other days he has problems with words of more than 3 syllables. Sounds tongue-tied when that happens. He has all his smarts and is one very blessed man. His back pains are another matter. Hurts just about all the time.

            Thank you for asking.

            • My father got those 6K hearing aids and then would not wear them. He’s dead now, of course. I wonder, can they get the innards out of that molded plastic part so somebody else could use them ? Would have to do the mold, embed the aid in it…seems a terrible shame to have these marvelous hearing aids and someone who really needs and would use them is going without. Like me, for instance. I’m a bit deef in both ears from listening to other people’s screaming kids, and partially in my left ear from driving tractor, looking over my left shoulder to watch the bailer and make sure the kids weren’t getting bailed up.

              • Oh me. I will need to see what I can do before giving them away; I have not given up on her. Maybe she will wear one of them in what ever ear she prefers. My hearing is a bit off as well but not too bad-yet. πŸ™‚


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