Why Did Fentanyl Maker Insys Give $500K to Defeat Legalization? | Leafly


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  1. Thanks for another great article. This shows how money hungry the pharmaceutical are, they would rather see people die and obstruct cannabis safe use. Its all about the money!

  2. This proves what many folks have known for a long time. Big pharma is all about greed and not need. Citizens in the know, need to push for weed and I yes, I made little rhyme. 🙂

  3. Hey laura
    How goes it

  4. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  September 13, 2016

    This is so sad and maddening! I can’t believe these folks can be so evil as to throw a perfectly good drug under the bus. It’s just like sugar giving fats a bad name. This type of hype is all over every industry. Gaa!!!

  5. I’m flabbergasted

  6. Hi Dr. Laura,
    I feel pretty stupid and betrayed to read this. In April of this year I actually invested in INSY because they were working on medical MJ products. Didn’t consider that they would view legalizing recreational pot as cutting into their profits and try to stop it. Doc

    • Ouch, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

      The good news is, I hope to be voting in AZ this November! I was fortunate to have signed the petition to get retail mj on the ballot. Now I just have to get the hell out of the East so I can enjoy the clean desert air again.


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