Hey CDC, “I’m not who you think I am!”

This says it like it is.

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Hey CDC, “I’m not who you think I am!” – by Angelika

I’m offended by the CDC opioid prescribing guidelines, with their assumption that I’m stupid and lazy (if my pain is even real in the first place) and that my doctor is ignorant and negligent.

I’m insulted by the derogatory appraisal of patient behavior and appalled that the CDC has broadcast such a devastatingly negative stereotype of pain patients

Coming from the government’s “Center for Disease Control”, these guidelines stigmatize patients with the authority of the US government behind them.

Read the entire article at the National Pain Report.

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  1. what I really want to know is what business it is of the CDC to come up with these idiotic guidelines….

  2. They won’t give me a anything for my pain
    It’s useless

  3. I have too many friends with fibromyalgia. This article makes me both sad and angry.

  4. To change this we are going to have to vote out the republicans. Haven’t you noticed that all of their social policies result in the Lethal Neglect of the elderly, the ill, the poor and the mentally disabled.

    Anyone with a chronic condition is affected by their conviction that only the strong have the right to live. Donald Trump said as much today when he said the Republican Party didn’t need ‘weak people’.

    The GOP is preferred party of white supremacists and eugenicists since the late 1960’s; the only difference is that now the GOP is open about it.

    But this is a fact: anyone who votes for Trump is as much as saying that he agrees with the covert execution of the poor, the disabled and anyone else Trump hates.

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