Low-dose vaporized cannabis significantly improves neuropathic pain. – PubMed – NCBI


Read and think.

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  1. Sending you an email about this….

  2. Wow, that’s a nice thing to see. I’m sure it beats gabapentin/pregabalin by miles, especially in terms of side effect profiles. Brain rot versus an intense craving for Snickers.

  3. It’s too bad I had a bad reaction to thc when I was in my teens, on a contact high no less

  4. I’ve brought this up with my pdoc several times and have asked for a prescription. His response is always that it’s something to consider and then he’ll change the subject. (sigh)

    • Hell, I’d find a regular doc who prescribes mmj. In AZ there’s a group that specializes in mmj. That’s how I got my card. In your state, can any doc prescribe?

      • Yes, any doc can, but overall its pretty sleazy here in California. You’ll have a pot shop (They have different names but they all have a green cross to let you know what they are.) Right next to the shop (usually connected) is a doctors office where the doc will approve it for anyone with anything. Because it’s so easy I’ve considered it, but I’m also a recovering alcoholic. Some alcoholics don’t believe cannabis as a relapse like alcohol or other drugs, but I’m not sure where I stand. We’ll have t see.

        • I totally understand that, and I have huge respect for your taking care of your genuine self in recovery. In the meantime, have you explored CBD tinctures, or strains such as Charlotte’s Web, which was developed for treating chemo side effects in children, and has a very very low THC content? These are wonderful for pain, without the high. I have a strain called Harle Tsu now, which is 7% THC as opposed to many strains which have 20-24%, and it is very high CBD, also rich in the other non-stony cannabinoids. It helps me sleep. Another low THC, high CBD strain that I love is Sweet and Sour Widow.

          • Not familiar with the CBD. I’ll look into and ask about it. Thank you. Do they help with anxiety?

            • Hugely. You might want to check out Leafly (website and app). Huge amount of info and some good articles. Also THCU, for good educational stuff, and Green Flower Media for whole courses in treating various conditions with cannabis.

  5. I’ve had a glass of wine now, and also lack the medical training to really understand the article, but given that cannabis can be grown in specific strains to treat pain or epiliepsy, why on earth why can’t it be made legal the world over? It would make life so much easier for a very large amount of people.

    • And so it would…but Big Pharma doesn’t like an innocent green plant that has the potential to decrease market for the expensive new products…

      • True. In the UK, the dear old NHS is almost willing to try anything to save it money. But then we have our politicians also trying to bugger it up. Can’t win wherever you are, sometimes.


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