A Deprived, Camera-shy Girl


A snazzy photographer who I met last week smugly smirked at me when I told her my dog is camera-shy.  She tried all sorts of kiddie-photography ploys, to no avail. 

All she got were blurry action shots like this one:  Hi-ho Silver, awaaaay!

I wanted to catch her sleep, one red Kong in her mouth, two more within easy reach, a couple of rope toys for comfort….all while within nudging distance of me, while I was washing and tidying in preparation for today’s push on to the Land of Cleve.

She has radar for cameras.  She reminds me of the crusty Nova Scotian fisherman who said to some tourist who was aiming his expensive camera at this guy who was preparing to cast off his dingy:

“You snap that jeezely thing at me, and I’ll shove it down your jeezely throat!”

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  1. Is that a Malanois? Those dogs have SO much energy I can imagine it’s hard to get them to stay still do more than a moment.

    You’ll have to photograph that dog sleeping – if you can sneak up with a camera. 🙂

    • You’re right, she’s a Malligator! And she is a ball of fire…right now she’s sleeping on top of my feet. Not exactly comfy, but I love her! I did manage to snap one while she was, uh, sleeping on my feet, the other night. I’ll have to post it! She’s actually a wonderful service dog. She can be solid asleep, but if I am in distress she comes to me immediately and does whatever she needs to, to help me. Last night she got me up off the floor. She crouched down and let me hang on to her neck as she stood up very carefully. She knows I’m fragile and might break!

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  August 16, 2016

    Ha ha 😆
    I’m like that! If I see a camera pointed in my direction, I turn. I wouldn’t shove it down someone’s throat, tho 😉

  3. Your dog and I have something in common!!!

  4. My dog was terrierfied of cameras. See what I did there? Kongs are the best! Poor deprived dog, indeed :p

    Safe travels! They don’t call Cleveland the mistake on the lake for nothing. 😎

  5. Pets are smarter than people I happen to know this first hand
    I talk to my dog all the time
    And she answers
    She is so
    I believe we have a brain trust

  6. Beautful puppy, even if she hates cameras.


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