Article: Read the Transcript of TIME’s Cover Story Interview With Donald Trump


Read the Transcript of TIME’s Cover Story Interview With Donald Trump

….and tell me whether you think his brain is in working order.  I’m not talking about his politics.  I’m talking about his neurologic status.  Reading this, I was struck by his round-about speech pattern, his omissions of words, his illogical statements (illogical in the sense of actual linearity and purposeful-ness).  A list of other red flags scrolled through my brain as I read the transcript.

From my point of view as a physician, Mr. Trump is in need of a cognitive neurology evaluation. 

So….what would we do if Mr. Trump (or Ms. Clinton) turned out to have a dementia?

On another note, how would we feel about a president with a well-controlled mental illness?  (Not fair putting these back to back, but oh well😆)

Please chime in on this one.  I’m interested in your opinions!  Link is below↘↙

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  1. Oh gosh, but wouldn’t an evaluation require that there be some grey matter present? I think he’s got a couple of gerbils under that toupee, and they’re pulling the strings. Rodents are the real masterminds of the GOP.

    I don’t know much about how dementia progresses, so I couldn’t say I’d rule them out, providing the running mate is presidential material. Mental illness…same thing. Although I’d think anyone who wants to be President has a little bit of abnormal psychopathology.

    • Well, let’s see…we had the dementia experiment in Ronnie Raygun. He didn’t do too terribly badly, but then he had just come off an illustrious acting career (!) Nevertheless, those of us who knew the signs (like Alzheimer’s caregivers!) breathed out when he left office. My grandmother had life-size cutouts of Ronald and John Wayne next to her bed in the nursing home. Her heroes! My son had Michael Jackson and Elvis…I don’t know what that means. Something, though.

      Interestingly (one should should never begin a sentence with an adverb), Trump was used as an example of an Extreme Narcissist in a book I’m reading on NPD. This was written a number of years ago, well before His Combover-ness had unveiled his brewing presidential designs.

      Your point about the running mate is excellent. If the Chief has to take time off to get his/her/their brain straightened out a bit, the Mate had better be fit to step up to the helm. Likewise it would be ideal if the Prez and Veep were close friends, comfortable having open and honest communication. This includes even “normal” Prez-Veep dyads.

  2. Wasn’t it Nixon
    Who by the end was climbing the walls
    What JFK
    And his Dr
    Look I’m not saying that Mr trump is blowing his horn
    With any proficiency
    I believe to be in that level of office
    There are a few screws lose to begin with
    Now could he pull it off
    Well I believe his dog is already barking at the moon
    They needed to throw a net over him long ago
    But that’s what’s make this country great
    The land of opportunity
    The inmates are running the show
    While those of us who are sane
    Are getting in line for the next trip to mars
    Oh It’s tea time for bondzo
    And the nurse is giving out meds
    Occupational therapy is next
    All the bells need clappers
    no more coffee for me
    I only half stomach I once had

  3. The article states it was edited for length and clarity. Translation..I want to hear it on tape and video. I do not believe a word the media says or writes when it comes to Trump. Too many times I have read what has been a supposed “quote” and gone to the actual clip only to find it so distorted from the actual version of what was said that I no longer believe a thing. I verify from C-Span full length clips and at least three sources on everything. Both sides. That is my take..I did not even read it.
    Also, it started with the “only hours before the Second Amendment comment…”..I listened to that on C-Span…who in their right mind would think that the full version of that statement was Trump asking 2A people to put a hit out on Hillary?
    Not to mention that Hillary has an alleged hit list a mile actual one.
    That is… take. Since, you asked. 🙂
    xxx, CC

  4. Given that since you posted this, Hillary ended up having to take three days off to recover from Pneumonia, and looking at the state of things here in the UK, I think that someone living with dementia, providing they’re still able to function well and live well with minimal support, should be fine to still be in government. However, there does come a point when dementia does start to impact a person’s life in a negative manner. We have (in community) a couple of Sisters who have chosen to recind (sp?) their vote on Chapter because of dementia. (I’m now visiting a care home once a fortnight which specialises in dementia care, and have done the Dementia Friends training, so know a heck of a lot more about it than I did before.)

    Likewise, if a mental illness is well-managed and under control, and the person in question knows themselves well enough to know their warning signs, it should not be a problem. As we know only too well, problems come from people not listening to their body warning them about what’s going on.

    As for which should be President of the US? I can’t have a vote, but I do have a prayer, and that prayer is that it isn’t the orange one, because I think that would have a very great negative impact on the whole of the planet.

    • It’s nice to hear from you! I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you’re getting on.

      • Just crazy busy. Plus there was the sudden death of one of the Sisters I live with, a fortnight ago yesterday. Her funeral is on Thursday. Makes life a bit interesting, to put it mildly!

        • Oh dear, what did she die from? And how has this affected you?

          • Heart attack. Totally not expected. Plus it was complicated by her being in Liverpool at the time.

            I can’t remember if I said, but I’m in a smaller house now, not the Mother house, and this Sister was one of the two who had been in the house when I moved in. There are no “spare” Sisters, so it’s back to being a house of two. Myself and the other Sister are going to be having a major sort out of stuff in the house, and (most importantly) get a proper oratory set up.


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