Presidential Race 2016 Candidate Profile – Donald Trump, R | Clarion Project

I’m generally an ostrich when it comes to anything political.  I tend to view political machinations as, well, machinations–without a bit of sincerity.  Promises made with no intent to follow through.  Ideological statements that turn out to be the opposite of what really shakes down.

The only thing that makes me really happy that I voted for Obama is that I helped Michelle and her daughters to be living proof that black women can be powerful in a whole new way.  Next Presidential term I want Michelle!  I’m sure she’s got a whole lot going for her in addition to her stunning beauty and style.

On the other hand we have the trumped-up nightmare of a crook with terrible hair barely covering a tiny but dangerous brain.  Let us have a look into this threat to world security:

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  1. fyi-the link took me to a signup page, not to the article.

    • It’s a giant pop-up, just click on the X in the upper right-hand corner, and it will take you to the article. 🙂

  2. I’m already sick
    to go down this road
    It’s like reliving the car accident I had in April
    Which is trauma 101

  3. He absolutely terrifies me. Now we know he asked a foreign policy expert regarding nuclear weapons, “If we have them, we can’t we use them?”

    Did I say he terrifies me?


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