Lives Matter…Even If Not Black

I read all kinds of news sources.  Lots and lots!  All news outlets have agendas, so if I’m going to get a really “fair and balanced” picture, I’d better see what the various sides are saying.

I came across this little nugget of uncomfortableness tonight, and thought I’d share it with you. 


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  1. I am so disgusted after reading this. This sweet girl was only speaking the truth!!!! All lives do matter, that’s what God’s teaching tells us. I am so sick of political correctness and people being punished for their own beliefs. It isn’t a free country when things are so messed up that we lose our freedoms, more each day. It makes me ashamed to say I live in Houston and my son graduated from U of H. Thank goodness be has been out of college long enough that wasn’t the way things were back then.

  2. The first amendment protects our right to free speech, but it does not protect us from the consequences of that speech.

    From the wording of her post, and the words of those reacting (of which we only have one direct quote), it wasn’t that she said “All lives matter,” that was at issue. By prefacing that phrase with “Forget Black lives matter”. Forgetting that black lives matter is ENTIRELY the point of the movement. Because people “forget” that black lives matter EVERY SINGLE DAY in this country.

    The young lady is in a position of power at her university, which gives her a broader audience for her words. As well, it makes her words more powerful and hurtful to others. She is not being refused her education. She is being refused access to extra-curricular activities for less than 2 months.

    As for diversity training, I go through that every year at work. It makes sense and helps me appreciate the many people that make up my workplace. It is not “conversion therapy”. It is a class on manners that this person apparently missed out on when she was younger.

    I don’t have to like everyone with whom I come into contact. I do need to treat them with dignity. In a professional environment (which includes political arenas), I am held to a higher standard than I might be on a personal basis. Why? Because my behavior reflects not only on myself, but on the groups I am representing.

    If the university simply swept her words under the rug, they would be telling every black student, “Forget black lives matter.”

    • I hear your point, and it’s valid. It’s important to understand that she herself is a person of color, and I don’t think she meant that black lives DON’T matter. She is saying that ALL lives matter, even if they aren’t black. What they’re doing to her is far beyond diversity training. It’s shaming. Black people need to grow up and get a grip. For crying out loud, the First Family is black. There is a tremendous amount of Black Power in this country. The way the BLM people are using that power to intimidate and hold a sledge hammer over the heads of people who speak up when black terrorists open fire on police is doing nothing to further their cause. In fact, it’s reinforcing the notion that black people might be dangerous. By midcentury, black people will be the majority. It’s time they quit the “we are so downtrodden” act and started behaving like responsible citizens. MLK must be revolving in his grave. This is not what he envisioned, to have black students waging a war of tyranny on the backs of their uneducated brothers and sisters.

  3. Someone who says “All Lives Matter,” doesn’t understand the issue. Of course all lives matter, An opinion piece in the NY Times said it well,

    “Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ in response would suggest to them that all people are in equal danger, invalidating the specific concerns of black people.”

    That being said, I am appalled at what happened to this young woman. Do I think she’s misguided? Yes, but she should be allowed to speak her opinions as long as she isn’t inciting danger/violence. I doubt she’s racist, I just don’t think she understands.

    Thank you for raising this issue, Laura. Here is a link to the article in the NY Times:

    • I do truly understand the horrible injustice that people of color face in the face of being targeted by sadistic police, and being incarcerated for much longer terms than their white counterparts. On the other hand we must look at the situation of the mentally ill, who are regularly targeted and killed by police. The public is barely even aware of this, because we are a voiceless minority.

      #MentallyIllLivesMatter too!

      We could stand to include the lives of the helpless, the voiceless, who have no way of advocating for themselves. I have no sympathy for people who think that the answer to injustice is violence and shouting down valid dissenting voices.

      Thanks for the article! And thanks for speaking up. I appreciate your input. And I also think you’re swell. You are a conscious, thinking person, and I’m glad you’re here.

      • Wow! You just gave my ego a big boost. I agee that the answer to injustice is not in any way the answer. I also agree with the problems of abuse towards the mentally ill. It’s sad that mental illness gets a bad rap after a major shooting, while thousands more are beaten in the streets or left to just die because of the elements. We’ve got a long way to go.

        • 😀 glad to give my bro a boost!

          Not just shootings and speculation about mental illness, but killings of people with mental illness both inside and outside of prisons. Stay tuned.

  4. I have but only a few things to say.

    Universities used to be a place where young adults learned to stretch their minds and learn about the world. How to live in it. To be exposed to diverse opinions and views. Now students have safe spaces in case a word my trigger their physical safety. Their physical safety?? For this, I am dumbfounded beyond words. Universities are now run entirely by liberals. Any university who panders to this type of behavior or thinking should receive no funding, but wait, that is exactly who is funding them through federal programs. Again, dumbfounded comes to mind.

    As for BLM..I have only this. Their new Platform of Demands. I read it and thought it was a joke at first. It is not. It should be.

    • Ohhhhh-kaaaay…..I was in Disneyland the day the Black Panthers occupied it, terrifying the mostly white families there to enjoy the day. Nowadays, we have a black First Family, and most (count them) advertising images portray back middle class people enjoying life. There are enough black students attending Ivy League universities to carry off a movement like this (which is not at all a grass roots movement). I predict a massive backlash if they continue to pursue a violent takeover.

      There are huge reforms needed in the prison system. Police violence against everyone and anyone must be stopped.

      Violence must not be tolerated. Period. If black lives matter so much, they should put their energy into improving relationships in a peaceful manner. That would work. Violence never, NEVER works. It only begets more violence. As an Israeli, I am on the ground floor knowing this.

      Thanks for your excellent comment as always, CC, and thanks for the link!

  5. Laura,
    I love your posts. I learn something from every one of them. Thank you.
    Much love, CC

  6. When I advocate for chronic pain patients, I’m not saying that those who don’t suffer from chronic pain aren’t important. That there aren’t other difficult issues people are facing which deserve attention. When people advocate for LGBTQ rights, they’re not saying that heterosexuals don’t matter.

    When I advocate for marijuana, I’m not saying that pain patients shouldn’t take opioids. Yet, there are plenty of people who demonize one drug or another, including looking down on patients who take them. Then there are pain patients who blame the opioid war on those who suffer from drug addiction. There are many people who firmly believe that drug addiction is a choice — that those who suffer from drug addiction don’t deserve to be treated or saved. And now, the medical industry believes that those who suffer from chronic pain don’t deserve to be treated or saved….

    But at least the police aren’t profiling, targeting, and gunning down chronic pain patients in the street. (Yet.)

    Just like the media has demonized anyone who takes opioids, it has also taken the name of this group and twisted it to mean something that it doesn’t. Black Lives Matter too, not only.

  7. hi Laura
    what in the hell is wrong with ” all lives matter” do they not. wtf did we/anyone stand beside her peacefully? if all life’s don’t matter who has “the keys?” this is such narrow thinking the president, maybe board need a new perspective from the curve. this is more than outrageous, if left unchecked then we start closing other doors and separating people. we go backwards years and years as we continue to separate groups of people. has any action been taken against school or supporting/break the punishment she received. I can’t stand by and not lift my voice. the true beauty of social media, see if others are outraged and share situation with others. if I can help, given my health, I have to take a small step in the right or my vision of right and speak up the same. all lives do matter. I’ll tweet Pharell see if can get a reaction.
    I’m very ill after going thru Xanax withdraw, I’ve taken nano steps, glad to say this gets my mother running. hugs hope the book is moving forward and Robin? is well.
    thank you for posting.

    • Hi sweetheart, so glad to hear from you, and your comment is powerful and very much appreciated. Yes, huge steps backward by causing separations among and between groups: “If you don’t agree with us we’ll punish you.”

      What is this, Iran? Can’t disagree by saying we are all one and diversity is a good thing?

      I’m sorry you’ve been in benzo withdrawal hell. I’ve been there, done that, and I really sympathize. Sending you good juju for quick recovery.

      I hope you can get somewhere with these bozos who want to squeeze everyone into their small minded dangerous agenda box. Let me know if I can help in any way.

      Love you!

  8. WTF? How about the 1st Amendment? Ridiculous.

    • Sigh..Kitt, you didn’t know that the 1st Amendment only counts if you agree with certain agendas? (Irony font) In this country, Some Lives Matter more than Others. If All Lives Mattered, the story would not be a story. But instead of simply saying, Hey, police violence has got to stop, whether against blacks, Hispanics, or the mentally ill, it has to be a partisan sacred cow. It really is a WTF moment, isn’t it? Knocked my socks right off, I tell you what. Was me, I’d be headed for an ACLU attorney. Shame on the administration for abdicating their obligation to protect students from hazing and public shaming, in retaliation for exercising their right to free speech! (Because, you know, only black lives matter.)

      • Oh, I forgot…police violence against majority ethnic groups is also Not OK.

      • I support the Black Lives Matter movement. I advocate that mentally ill lives matter. I realize that all lives matter. Free speech is necessary to cultivate intelligent dialogue, necessary in education, especially higher education. ACLU definitely where I would go, too.


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