How Do I Advocate for Chronic Pain? – National Pain Report

Is the current “Opium War” hurting you or someone you know?  Here are some good tips for how to get involved.  Don’t let them kill us with “kindness!”

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  1. I believe there has to be a middle ground
    To all of this
    And there isn’t
    I been in a lot of pain on and off since April
    Doctor suck
    Either they say you just have to deal with it
    or they give you what you need
    There are other ways to combat the pain
    But the run of the mill
    Dr doesn’t know
    It sucks

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  July 31, 2016

    I don’t understand why a doctor would not want to help or prescribe something for someone in pain. I get that many abuse it, however I don’t think we should be policing it either.
    I was in some deep pain (temporary) and it couldn’t be found, medically. Pain meds did not work, but a high dose of anxiety meds did. I couldn’t imagine if a Dr told me they were not going to prescribe something, as is all in my head or the gov told them they can’t.
    I must not understand the situation… excuse my ignorance…
    Is the gov just trying to stop users? Do they pose a risk to the general public? (I don’t think so) to themselves, yes. But, why stop treating documented folks who have legitimate injuries?
    I’m confused!!! 😣

    • Wow, Ilex, I’m sorry you had that episode of pain. Your description, “Deep pain,” makes me hurt just reading it. I have deep pain myself this morning, so maybe that’s why!

      Yup, you read it right, the Alphabet Vatican of Big Medicine (DEA, FDA, and CDC) has been handing down edicts left and right regarding what, how much, and to whom we may prescribe not only pain killers, but anti-anxiety meds now, too. Benzos are presently on the chopping block, so if you need more, get them now before the door slams shut.

      Big Brother is cutting, down for some and off for others, the quantity of opioid pain medicine we are permitted to dispense, for everyone except the terminally ill and current cancer patients. Cancer survivors with pain resulting from chemo or radiation related nerve damage or other treatment related injuries will no longer have the customary access to pain meds.

      This is all to protect us from ourselves. Habituation and addiction have become widespread, as has death by overdose. It is my belief that this is due to the deplorable state of our society, but since that can’t be fixed, they will simply make people suffer on top of it.

      I got stuck after the first chapter of my dystopian novel, “Pain World.” Maybe I ought to get back on it, huh?

  1. How Do I Advocate for Chronic Pain? – National Pain Report — Bipolar For Life | The Daily Advocate By Painspeaks

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