Gorked Puppy


No, she’s not dead…just had her morning walkies, breakfast, and now…notice the green ball in her mouth, which serves as her pacifier….she’s taking her midmorning nap as she digests her delicious dog food.  What a life!

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  1. She is a beauty!

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  July 16, 2016

    Ha! This is what I look like after breakfast on the weekends. I’m looking like that right now! 😪😴😌

  3. Reminds me of our youngest, a four year old brindle Boxer who will play his heart out fetching a ball, then collapse like this pretty girl. Yes, the ball is a favorite and he relishes in just having it with him between his paws. Aren’t we blessed with some wonderful animals? Sadly, we just lost one of our beloved dogs…a nine year old yellow lab named Callie. It’s heartbreaking when we lose such an important part of our family 😥
    So glad you have this wonderful girl to travel around the country with, Laura. Love, Peace and Blessings, Sara
    p.s. we are finally making our move to WA! My special needs (adult) son and I will be flying out on August 4th, my hubby to follow in the moving van a few days later. We are so thrilled! And, our first grandbaby is due to be born Aug 20th…we’ll be there in time to welcome her and can’t wait to be an everyday part of our daughter’s family’s life ❤ Not to mention that Tom and I will have greatly improved medical care and our oldest son the best services he could possibly get. Just thought you'd like an update since I've been busy w/ so many things for the move for a long time and haven't kept up with you. 😉

    • I’m so glad to hear from you. I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing, and your family…great to hear you’re on the move, finally! Mazal tov on the approaching blessed event. May it be a smooth delivery with healthy baby and mom! Where will you be living?

      • Thanks for the blessings, Laura. We will initially be staying w/ my hubby’s sister…in a third wheel on her property until we find our own place. She lives outside the little town of Yelm. Our daughter and her hubby (and soon the baby!) live in Shelton, on the west side of the Sound north of Olympia…that is where we hope to find a home ourselves. Can’t wait to do some exploring of the Olympic Peninsula, for when we lived in Seattle we only went there twice, and never did camp in the Nat’l Park or explore it. You have been in my thoughts as well. Where are you now? Have you done much travelling or mostly staying put? Sorry it’s been so long…had a bad winter and since spring I’ve been going as fast as I can to be ready for our move (meaning I’m resting when I’m not working). I’ll be in touch, and hope to be back to regular communication with my few blog friends soon. Love, Peace and Blessings

  4. Your dog is a sweetheart and I love that pic. I’ve been wondering if she likes the new camper but I’m thinking it matters not just as long as she is by your side.

  5. Awww, look at that beautiful puppy butt! ❤

  6. So glad you have each other, I can’t wait til we are able to have a dog again 🙂

    • Oh yeah! She’s a great companion, when she isn’t being a little kid pain in the ass 😄

      • I used to foster boxer dogs, they were all the best even when I came home to things like a pan full of brownies eaten, my favorite day pack ripped to shreds, or a post spay girl bleeding all over my new bed. But the hikes, river visits, & watching them snuggle with my kid make it worth it 🙂

        • Yup, that’s what crates are for 😉

          • If you don’t give them the opportunity to fail, they learn not to fail. Unlike humans, dogs do not learn from their mistakes. If we don’t catch them in the act, they don’t associate our distress with their misdeeds. If my dog does something I don’t want her to do, it’s my fault, not hers. So I try not to give her opportunities to do things I don’t want her to do. Of course, being human, I tend to forget, and when I express my chagrin at the resulting disaster, she thinks I don’t love her 😦 when it’s actually MY fault, for setting her up to fail. Boxers are (as you know!) incredibly intelligent creatures, so the trouble they can get into is proportional to their intelligence! I have seen some Boxer feats of mischief that defy imagination 🙂

  7. Typical pooch! Xxx


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