Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, chronicler of the Holocaust, dies | Jewish Telegraphic Agency


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  1. What an inspirational man he was. A great loss to humanity.

  2. I saw this yesterday and was deeply saddened, Laura.
    I don’t think anyone can read his words or hear him speak and not be moved in their soul
    He left the world so much.

    • Anyone who HAS a soul, for sure. Unfortunately there are some fellow Nobel Laureates who deny the reality of the Holocaust despite the witness and the work of Dr. Wiesel. I fear for our world. The generation that witnessed those horrors is passing away, and the current generation has no experience, thank God, with that particular type of genocide. Even I have difficulty imagining it on that scale. That was how the murderer pulled it off: it was just too outrageous to be real. And then as now, there were plenty of voices ready to deny. I wonder what will happen now.

  3. He was such a truly special person. A true hero.


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