I LOVE Purple!


Purple is SO my favorite color.  ‘Specially when my shirt, my sweats, and the bruise from where I got blood drawn yesterday are all the same shade.

That’s not an actual bruise.  It’s more of a bleed between two layers of skin.  That’s what happens when my skin is the least bit disturbed.  I didn’t even feel the stick, so it’s not really trauma.  The really fucked up thing about these purple things is they turn into scars.  WTF?  Scars.

Now I have purple blotches coming up here and there from the deeps, very tender, with swollen blood vessels under them.  I showed all of this to the doctor I went to yesterday, who is supposed to specialize in things like that, but I guess not, because he kind of shrugged and said I ought to see a vascular surgeon, but, he added, they are hard to find in these parts.  Then he ordered a lot of blood tests, and told me to come back in two weeks to discuss the results.

If I’m still alive, that is.  These swollen veins can’t be a good thing.  If I’m not significantly better tomorrow, I will take Atina to board at the vet, and take myself to the hospital.  Surely someone ought to have an idea or two about what’s going on.  I hope.

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  1. Surely a MD somewhere near not too far away will know what to do. I wonder if all the meds that you have taken for years is causing the bruising. Be well soon, Dr Laura.

    • Thank you😊 I often think about that too, how the chemicals that I and many of us put into our bodies must certainly have synergistic effects, some for good and some for not so good. I do wish I could stop taking the damn things, but when I’ve tried very slowly weaning off, bad things happen. But whatever this is, has to stop. It’s very seriously cramping my style, plus it hurts like hell.

  2. There must be a better alternative. I mean the colour purple is lovely but not on your skin like this!

  3. sorry to hear. Hope you get some answers soon! BTW can I have your email. I got a question for you

  4. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  April 21, 2016

    Ouchy ouchy!
    I feel for you. I don’t get scars, but I’m still purple/yellow from my stick a month ago. I wish your the best at the hospital. Hopefully the other Dr just doesn’t know the available Drs in the area. They can’t know everything!

    • The thing is, this doesn’t hurt, she did it with a tiny baby needle, and it didn’t appear to bleed after holding pressure for 5 minutes (I can’t have bandaids or tape…those take my skin off with them, even if I soak it….now THAT’S an ouch!!!!).

      They can’t know everything, but my motto as a physician (besides “first diagnose; THEN treat!) is, ” I don’t know the answer to that. Let me find out for you!”

      I’m sure you do the very same thing, as a plant professional: if you see weird spots on a tree that doesn’t look very healthy, and you don’t know off the top of your head what it is, I bet you know who to ask or where to look it up.

      With physicians, that is called “due diligence.” If I see someone with a common condition that is potentially life threatening, as in, there is a fair chance of a clot breaking off and ending up in the brain or heart or lungs, it is my duty to make sure they get the care they need immediately. For instance, what I would have done if I were the physician in this case would have been to call the ER and speak to the most senior person there, explain the situation, so that when I arrived there would be informed staff awaiting me and not the kind of bullshit hassle that triggers me so badly that most of the time I would literally rather die than deal with that. .

  5. I hope you find someone to help. It is so hard when even doctors have no idea

    • Thank you for your well wishes! The crazy thing is, this is a very common condition, and the “doctor” should have recognized it immediately. I even TOLD him what it is and he hadn’t heard of it. How DO these people make it all the way through medical school, residency, and fellowship, four or five board exams, without learning even the basics? Plus which, he never examined me at all, just wrote orders for labs. Disgusting.

  6. Yikes! Two weeks is an awful long time. I know you’ve said you most likely have EDS which can cause vascular friability (maybe vasculitis too?), so maybe you’ve got a clotting problem on top of that? Probably what the tests are for, huh. With the crohn’s, blood is generally hypercoagulable, but I’m proof that there are exceptions. 😉

    Glad you’re on top of if! Hope you get it figured out soon. The wait is so nerve-racking. Hugs and good juju ❤

  7. Scary how little we know about how to diagnose and heal the body. Wish you well.

  8. take care of yourself and make sure you are ok. sending ❤ your way.

  9. My god, these doctors you talk about in your posts sound incompetent when it comes to social interaction. Hang in there and keep your head high!

  10. FML

     /  April 22, 2016

    Wow, those colors really do match! I hope it heals quickly. I have a blood draw done every month due to some medication I am taking. Most of the time there is either no mark at all, or a very slight bruise. But every once in a while I end up with a large black and purple bruise that covers the entire inside of my elbow. When that happens, it can take 2-3 weeks to fade. I never figured out what was causing it until now.

    • Yeah, that blood seeps under your skin, then it has to be broken down and eaten up by your macrophages (the body’s garbage trucks 😆)…like you said, takes a while…I think most of the time the garbage union is on strike….

  11. Yikes, that’s one amazing match up.

    I guess a big part of the problem with some of the medical professionals we meet is that they’re seriously over-worked. Not good.

    • Hi there! How are you getting on? Write me an email when you have time. I love hearing about what you’re up to.

      Yes, a big problem here is physician burnout. There is so much paperwork and other garbage, that there is no time to just “be a doctor.” So docs are living in a constant state of clinical depression (pun intended😆).

      Worse, new young docs just coming up are deprived of the kind of mentoring I was blessed to have. We used to worship at the feet of the “white hairs,” the elder men and women who had treated smallpox (back when it wasn’t just something you read about). I had several mentors whose teachings I still rely on, even if just in thought, or in everyday life, since I’m no longer in active practice.

      I’m appalled at what’s happened to our once-noble profession, now reduced to an army of automatons. I was going to say “zombies,” but that implies some sort of life sign. I don’t think these poor suckers even have a pulse!

  12. Yikes. Do you have some sort of condition that makes your skin like that?


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