This is Scary

It’s very sad to see that people who have found a safe haven from the violence of war in Syria, are biting the very hand that opened the doors of safety to let them in.

I have seen enough first-hand to know that men from religious communities where women are expected to cover themselves, consider any woman who does not cover to be a “whore,” fair game for sexual harassment and assault.

These “migrant” (in quotes because they are refugees, not true migrants) men are confused.  They think that German women should play by their rules.  They forget that they are actually guests in their host country, and should be on their best behavior.  Instead they have brought a new brand of terror into the home of their hosts.

But is Germany making noises about packing these criminals off, back to where they came from?  If so, please let me know, because I would like to wish them bon voyage.

No, instead, Germany’s response is to provide special segregated train cars for women and their young children.  Boys up to 10 years of age can ride with their moms.  Otherwise the boys must ride in the cars with “everybody else.”


How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

First…uh, first….

There are just so many, I don’t even know where to start.

First, Germany needs a massive kick in the ass for tolerating what amounts to an epidemic of lawlessness, to which it responds not by deporting the perpetrators, but by punishing women for the crime of going on about their lives as German citizens and not putting on burkas so as not to get raped. 

The concession of designated rail cars for women who don’t want to get raped is outrageous.  How about designating male-only cars instead, for males traveling without a female escort?

And what about male children over the age of ten, who, in the female-only scheme, cannot travel with their mothers?  I would never, ever trust a young male to the same criminal element that is causing Germany to scramble for a solution to sexual assaults on its women.  Have they not heard of “bacha bazi”?  “Boy play/games,” that means.  Rape of boys, very common in the Arab world, culturally acceptable in many areas.  Not so much in Germany, though.

I am not interested in politics.  At.  All.  I am interested in the humane treatment of all creatures.  And I have a particular interest in protecting people who do good in the world.

German women and children should not have to pay the price for its misguided government having opened its doors indiscriminately to gangs of ruffians who repay kindness with raping and pillaging. 

I’m sure there are many good-heated and deserving refugees among the evil ones.  Let them police themselves!   Or are there really so many bad apples that the whole barrel is rotten?   So many, that women must take refuge in separate rail cars, in their own native land?

Those who bite the hand that opens the door to safety must go.  The good and kind people who opened their borders to those who appeared to be in distress must not live in fear for their safety.  They must not sacrifice their quality of life for a public relations campaign on the part of their government.

Or is Ms. Merkel in bed with Mr. Trump????

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  1. That is scary.

  2. Isn’t Merkel’s policy toward the refugees the opposite of Trumps proposals?

    • Exactly. Trump could use the awful outcome of Merkel’s open door policy as fodder for his anti-everything policy. Thus, Ms. Merkel would be [unwittingly] supporting his thesis that refugees are trouble. Since I am currently writing a dystopian novel, why not apply my thesis to “reality” and say that Don and Angie got together on this illustration?

  3. Provocative post and as usual you give pause for thought or vice versa. The Syrian thing is of gigantic proportions. I wish the countries involved could come up with a consensus of how to handle the refugees.

    • I think it’s totally out of control, and that there is no real way to know who’s going to be dangerous and who is not. There is certainly the “males under 40” or even “under 30” demographic, in terms of trouble making tendencies. But then those are the fathers of the refugee children, so are we going to exclude them apriori? Of course not! So then how are host countries supposed to determine who to admit? Then again, many of the “migrants” are no longer asking permission, but simply entering without knocking. As a second generation refugee myself, I very much understand the need for a country of refuge. It is hateful that these people are acting in such a way, to bring shame upon their countrymen’s heads and regret to the German people, who welcomed them. I hate to say it, but I don’t think there’s an answer.

  4. It’s terrible. It’s their culture, they grow up with no contact with women. It’s so awful that in their twisted heads, they don’t realize they should be grateful to have life and safety, instead of raping German women. Sickening. But let me also say that their predicament and the Taliban aholes and the isis monsters are the direct result of the West’s policies in the Middle East. I absolutely abhor all the terrorism but I just don’t know what the answer is. πŸ˜’

    • How do you figure that the West has anything to do with the Taliban, which was there long before the Oil Wars, and for kriminy’s sake IS, which is a global phenomenon? (Of course ever since the young dreadlocked barista in Asheville, NC, confided in me that he thought IS is very cool and he is planning to join, I’ll believe anything….)

      • The Reagan administration was fighting the USSR in Afghanistan. The arms were going through Pakistan. They had local recruits called the Mujahiddeen fighting with them. Osama bin Laden was trained by rage CIA as one of the mujahideen! When the cold was was won, the US left, however they left all the weapons behind. And the mujahideen became the taliban.

        • Yikes! Thank you. That’s horrible. Between the “superpowers,” the world has been so totally trashed, it will never recover back to where it was before the British, Ottoman, Roman, or Greek empires. I wish I was kidding or just being an asshole. There’s something about fucking up the world that is just so attractive to prospective owners of global real estate.

      • Isis came into power as a direct result of the destabilization of Iraq. Horrible western policies leading to bedlam

  5. Fortunately when we go to Pakistan, we wear jeans and tops and no one bothers us. Of course, absolutely no mini dresses…

    • But that won’t save you from suicide bombers…I thought of you when reading the terrible news…..

      • True. So far so good. My brother is also the Artistic director of an Art foundation in Brussels! Not only is he in danger there but immigration puts him through all kinds of hoops when he travels πŸ˜’

        • Let me tell you, no place is safe. And….you want to get searched, interrogated, and searched some more? Try being Israeli. I’m used to it, though, since before my father got sick I was back and forth at least three times a year. I just started arriving early. One time they let this person wearing niqqab go by…could not tell if man, if woman, what, nothing….But made ME remove my religious head covering! So I made them take me to a private room to do so. This was in Canada. In France I expect this sort of thing, but Toronto???? Come to think of it, the worst thing that ever happened to me in DeGaul Airport was a terrible croissant. In France! In Israel, a croissant that bad would shut down Parliament for three days! But come to think of it, I did not get searched and/or humiliated in France. But I’m not traveling anywhere now, just staying put. The world is no longer a friendly place.

  6. Ooooh eeeeem geeee Laura…I don’t access world news much so this is entirely “new”…huh…to me. I am shaking with rage…seriously. I have a 12 year old son. I don’t let him roam the neighbourhood here in our suburb by himself I would not be saying, “Off you go to the next rail car sweetheart.” I guess we’d be doing a lot of walking. Thank you for this enlightening post. And maybe I should watch the news more often instead of pinning shit on Pinterest.

    • Hi Sandra. I actually found this article while scouring the news outlets to find out what happened in Pakistan. I did finally find what I was looking for, in another language, but what happened in Pakistan was so horrible that I couldn’t finish the article, and went back to this one. I might take a break from the news for a while now…

      This has got to be a very tough time to be raising a youngster. So much to worry about! It’s not as if bad stuff didn’t happen before now, it just seems as if everything’s in fast forward. Maybe Pinterest Land is not such a bad place to be πŸ˜•

  7. When is Rome….. This is the human rights act being totally exploited.

    • Inexcusable. And the German apologetic reaction, furthering the Muslim cause of cloistering women (because loose women get raped, you know), is to offer women segregated rail cars. This, in a country that values, or did value, individualism, freedom of expression, and secularism.

  8. Why do we say that the trouble was caused by the US or Britain or the general disruption of the Middle East. Sure the UK and France and the US and Russian have all played a role in the disruption; but don’t go giving men who rape and treat women as slaves and whores an excuse for being low life scum. The US et al didn’t make Arab men treat Arab women the way they do. Arab men are responsible for their own actions and it is time we told them that their misogynistic beliefs are anathema.

    • Thank you a million times!

      • I saw something wonderful yesterday. I was in a Maccas and there were four girls behind the counter. One was Sudanese with a face as black as pitch, one was wearing a hijab and one was wearing a star of David round her neck. The other was an ordinary Aussie. They were laughing and having fun as they served up burgers and muffins. But they were also arguing ; about the football. Australia is still quite an easy country to live in. Actually they were all just normal Aussies.

  9. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  March 29, 2016

    This is lunacy. Don’t leave your country unless you are willing to confirm to the new country you’re going to. If you’re just going to turn the new country into the hell hole you came from, just stay in your old country. Fight for your own country to be fixed or adapt. It’s really that simple. IMO.

    • Right on! Well said.

      BTW, this seems like a good application for long nails: one of these scumbags reaches for me, I’d reach for some exposed flesh, let’s say an eyeball or two, and present the specimen to the authorities for DNA testing while issuing an All Points Bulletin for an asshole missing an eye. I want to pass out tee shirts to all women and girls with “FEAR ME” in German. How do you write that?

      • Midwestern Plant Girl

         /  March 30, 2016

        I couldn’t imagine the man, er I mean the eunuch that would try to attack either of us.
        Don’t mess with us. You’ll loose something important!
        Yes, t-shirts bearing “FΓΌrchte mich!” Would be cool!

  10. The problem with deporting the attackers is that many of them still haven’t been identified. I agree fully that segregating trains is a Very Bad Idea. Angela Merkel is actually trying hard to be humane and to provide a safe haven for the people fleeing for their lives – but there are always going to be people who will abuse the system and break the rules, no matter how carefully things are managed.

    As I’ve said before, I think the only way that this is going to resolve is for the human race to be wiped out and a more civilised species to inherit the planet.

    • I think that was tried once, in the days of the Flood, and it didn’t work. In fact, it didn’t work so immediately that it was shocking. I believe the mistake was indeed to try starting over with “good” specimens of Homo Sapiens. As you say, what might fix the problem is a completely novel race of sentient beings…or perhaps just stick with bonobos. They are a peaceful lot. “Make love not war” is their credo.


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