Iran Launches Long-Range Missiles Emblazoned With Slogan: ‘Israel Should Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth’

Please click on the link, read, and watch the video.  You don’t need to read Farsi or Arabic or Hebrew, since it’s translated, but I’m a fan of original language since things do get left out in translation.

Many of the larger Grad (Russian) and other Iranian built missiles that have been launched out of Gaza since 2008 have had “love letters” from Iran stamped all over them.  Literally, stamped, so you can read them on the bodies of the exploded missiles.

In fact, more than one container ship has been stopped in the Suez Canal, full of Iranian “home missile kits” which, when fully assembled, make nice big missiles with warheads full of ball bearings, to do the most damage to whoever gets in the way.  Fortunately, there aren’t many habitable areas in Israel, so most of the missiles land in inhabited areas, or on the poor Bedouins who are really the ones who got screwed when they were forced out of their nomadic life in North Africa.  Like so many others, they took refuge in Israel, but since Israel is the size of Delaware, there’s not much space for them to wander.  So they get hit with missiles meant for Jews.

The concept of getting rid of Jews is not new to the world.  What is disturbing to the Jewish soul is that the Muslim world seems not to care that if they blow up Israel, millions of their Muslim brethren will also perish.  Is that the way to solve the bickering over who “owns” the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean?  Wipe it out?  Clean the slate?  Ridiculous, doesn’t it sound that way?  Could never happen?

Well, history shows otherwise.  Even modern history, going on right now.  The wars in the Middle East have been raging on for decades, and I am not talking about Israel/Palestine/Jordan/Lebanon/Egypt.  I am talking much, much bigger players and bigger numbers: Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria, of which Serbia/Kosovo is an extension.

The reality on the ground in terms of weapons supply chain is:

Russia>>Iran>>Syria>>Hezballah, Iran>>Hamas/Fatah.

Now there is the new factor of the “Islamic State,” which is turning the ideals of Shari’a law on its head by doing things that are theoretically permitted but never done, at least not since the 7th century, specifically, capturing, using, and selling sex slaves from “enemy/infidel tribes,” specifically the Yazidis.

I’ll explain the Yazidi situation in another post, since I don’t want to get too much farther off track here.

The point I want to make is that in getting rid of Israel, Iran will happily take out millions of Muslims, not only in the West Bank and Gaza, but also in Egypt, Lebanon, and, of course, whatever’s left of Syria.

We Hebrews have our own beliefs about this process of extermination of our own people, which has been going on for thousands of years.

But for the Jewish mind, there is no way to understand a people who are willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of their own brothers and sisters all over the world, just to get rid of everybody else. 

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  1. I don’t understand this way of thinking. What gives anybody the right to decide that one race is less or better than another? I have heard that Muslims want their religion to be world-wide but I just don’t understand.

    • Well, think back to the Crusades, when the Christians went on global jihad. Same thing, they’d get to an island or a continent and tell everyone (in a language they didn’t understand), “Convert or die!” And they tortured, raped, murdered, and wiped out many peoples, and thus the world became “Christian.” What would Jesus have done???? Not that, I’m quite sure.

      If you ever have a chance to read the 1,001 Nights, not the Richard Burton translation but the newer one translated from a French translation that is actually very true to the Arabic, according to one of my Arab friends, it’s not only extremely delightful and entertaining and wise, but also gives cultural insights on the post-Crusades sentiments from the Arabian perspective on Christians. Sentiments regarding Jews have always been the same, true to the Qranic verses.

      John Lennon wrote the words, “Woman is the nigger of the world.” This is true. I would add that Jews are the nigger women of the world.

      That’s why we hold more Nobel Prizes than any other ethnic group. We are so despised that we don’t have to worry about pleasing anybody else.

      • I have always wondered where the “Christian” thing came from because Jesus was a Jew.
        I guess I thought it came from “Christ.”
        I have to tell you, Laura. I don’t like people fucking with my Jews.
        I’m not Jewish but almost every one of my closest friends has been Jewish. They have survived monstrous atrocities and that’s the one thing (when I was religious) I used to “ask God.” How could you let your chosen people suffer so much? Then….I questioned the people of the world….how could you allow it?

        • Eggs-ackly.

          The answer is two words:

          BLOOD LIBEL.

          Ask anybody. They’ll tell you that Jews use the blood from (used to be Christian, now it’s “Palestinian”) children to make Passover matzah. That Israelis steal organs from Arab children to sell. Et cetera.

          Somehow, despite the fact that we are only a few million on the face of the earth, and despite the fact that mayhem of unheard of proportions is taking place in the Arab world, Jews make the news every day…recently it’s been for shooting people who have just rammed a bus stop, run over a hitchhiker, killed a Christian exchange student, and my favorite, a Breslover Hasid who pulled the knife out of his own neck and made a “martyr” out of the guy who stabbed him with it! We are getting very sick of this “stabbing intifada” bullshit that is being so misrepresented in the Western media. Hey, if Israelis are getting stabbed, it’s because we’re oppressing the poor defenseless Jordanian citizens who stayed here after the ’67 war because there was work here, right?

          Or rather, there WAS work here, until the BDS campaign started forcing Israeli businesses to close their West Bank factories, putting thousands of Arab citizens out of work. Nice going, idiot Western humanitarian world. Now we’ll be further blamed for the poverty of the people when Abbas and his gang have billions pouring in from Qatar and other supporting states, none of which goes into industrial development or higher education. Aaaaagh! I’m just so frustrated.

          • I have to admit that I don’t watch the news. I can’t stand it. My ex was in the newspaper industry all of his life and he was one to question certain “ethics” and behaviors but he wasn’t “allowed” to publish anything because of the “glad-handlers” who were taking “donations” for the papers. He was an asshole but he hated the way things were “whitewashed” in the media. I asked him once why things were kept out of the news….like GW not allowing any pictures of the dead soldiers being brought back home and he said “because they’re not going to allow anything that tarnishes their images.” Our young men and women were getting killed over there for what reason? Hussein “picked on GWs’ daddy?”
            I asked him once why the U. S. sat over here and let Hitler kill six million Jews and five million other ethnic groups and he said “babe, most people don’t like Jews. They blame them for every thing that happens.”
            I hate this shit….and what makes those people who hate Jews and Americans….think THEY’RE so RIGHT?

            • One of the first things I learned when I became religious (and it still holds even now that I’m no longer religious): people say the Jews are “God’s chosen People…But we say, chosen for WHAT?”

              To be everybody’s garbage can is what. World hunger? The Jews. People left behind in war elected a despot ten years ago, for a four year term and he’s still in office ten years later with no elections (Mahmoud Abbas)? Jews. Ad nauseam. But Purim is coming, and we shall see.

              • My granny taught me at an early age…”Jews are Gods’ chosen people.” Did you ever think that maybe that’s why there has been so much discord?
                I know about Purim. I say “yay!”

                • The question is, what were we chosen to do? The short answer being, who the hell knows? Yes, in some ways I think there is a lot of jealousy, but mainly I think people just love to have somebody else to blame, especially if it’s entirely pointless.

  2. I speak as a third person and also as a citizen of a country who has always been at the receiving end of terror.

    If people think they will kill all the Jews and destroy Israel, its a dream. Jews are meant to survive and may be rule. They are one of the most intelligent and rich ethnic groups of the world. Half of the inventions are by Jews, half of the rich industrialist are Jews.

    Infact Hindus are not as much advanced and rich as Jews but still I feel no matter what we will survive and progress.

  3. Sadly, I think all this fighting will only end when the whole of humanity has been wiped out. I think we need another asteroid, like one that did for the dinosaurs, to preserve the planet before we destroy it further. 😦


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