Snoop Lion Opens Up About His Pimp Past | Rolling Stone

Yesterday I lolled about the lobby of a local medical marijuana dispensary for four or five hours, waiting my turn to see the Marijuana Doctors so I could apply for my card.

There was plenty of time to browse the paraphernalia in the glass cases all around.  I closely inspected everything, since there was nothing else to do.

I couldn’t help but notice the “Snoop Dogg” brand bongs and papers and stuff that I had no idea what it is because I’m, you know, old, and I come from a whole different pot culture.

So I got this really bad feeling when I saw all this S.D. branded stuff, because several years ago, when I was writing under a pseudonym about my years as a street kid, it came to my attention that there was this rapper, famous and rich, who was very out front about his background with the Crips (very violent bad street gang), and fulfilling his life’s dream to be a pimp.

Even if I hadn’t been obliged to use my body as currency for the purpose of having food and shelter, I would still find it nauseating that this “nigga,” as he calls himself, who has made himself a role model for young people of every race and background, actually went and built his little dream fantasy, which you can read all about in the Rolling Stone article in the link.

Have your barf bag ready.

This dude is SUCH BAD NEWS.  In so many ways.  What’s his appeal?  That he shoves everything that’s morally horrible in our faces like bags of shit?

He ought to know a bag of shit when he sees one….every time he looks in the mirror.

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  1. Oh for the love of….I didn’t think there was actually much truth in his music. I certainly don’t agree with his propensity to refer to women as bitches, and it’s unreal his wife stuck around through all of that bullshit.

    • I haven’t heard him, and hope I don’t. I think he doesn’t call just any ol’ woman “bitch.” I think that’s reserved for the ones on his payroll, you know, that he can do anything to according to his whim. And I have nothing good to say about the female dogs, either.

  2. I’ll never understand his appeal. Years ago I went to a rap and hip hop concert in San Jose (I was probably the oldest one there.) Overall the different bands/musicians were good. Towards the end, when they announced Snoop coming out, the crowd went wild and my friend and I went straight for the door.

    Nothing medicinal about his marijuana use. If you ever see him interviewed, he’s always stoned out of his gourd. Back when his first child was born (he has four) I recall him saying he was straightening up his act. Looks like that didn’t last long. I’m sure his 19 year old son is proud of his dad in this magazine article.

    First he was Snoop Dog, now he calls himself Snoop Lion. It’s time for him to get real and call himself Snoop Pig.

  3. Wow. I don’t keep up with this kind of trash so I’m out of the loop here.

  4. Snoops a real G

  5. I never knew all this about snoop dogg! Very interesting to red! XX


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