Weird Monday!

Here’s another weird animation from the National Film Board of Canada.  I love how Canada specifically supports independent film artists, especially short films and, of course, animation!

This incredible dystopian film starts with a silly argument between spouses, and ends with….

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  1. lol where do you find these? Well lol on youtube, but lol how? XX

    • Key words, and most of these I already know. I’m a big fan of surrealistic film and animation in particular. A friend of mine in the ’70’s ran a small art cinema in Central Square in Cambridge, MA. Every year he’d do a three day animation marathon. I tell you, those movie theatre seats were the old wooden kind, damned uncomfortable for three days. I have one Canadian Film Board film that I’ve been hunting for everywhere. If I find it, it’s effing hilarious. How are y’all doing?


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