The Emperor Has No Clothes On!

Well, folks, I’ve been ranting about this topic seemingly forever, but nobody pays any attention.

But a nation with whom our diplomatic relations have been kind of strained lately, for good reasons, apparently got my message–and is broadcasting it on TV!

This nation happens to speak a different language than we do, but thankfully our friends at the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is in the business of translating media from other languages so we can understand how other cultures think.  MEMRI is located in Israel, on a street in Jerusalem that I used to pass by every month to see my shrink when I lived there.  It’s staffed by a group of linguistic experts who usually focus on terrorism related topics, but this show caught their eye, and I’m glad it did.

Watch and comment, please!

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  1. Though we call ourselves a democracy, I’m not sure if a true democracy could ever work. What things would be put up for a vote? Everything? I think being a republic makes more sense. However, I do believe the electoral college must go. It’s absurd that one person can lose an election to another, even though they have a half mil more votes. It’s sad and funny that people over 5,000 miles away understand it more than those of us in the USA.

    The real problem is we don’t have a democracy or a republic. Money has turned our nation into an oligarchy and that’s pretty scary.

    Thanks a lot, Laura. I’ve been trying on Facebook to bite my tongue regarding politics and here you’ve got me doing it on a blog. πŸ™‚

    • Hey, if not now, when? And if not us, who? (Wisdom borrowed from Rabbi Akiva, who lived a few thousand years ago.

      The electoral college is, as you say, bought and sold. I don’t really see the parliamentary system working. This country is too big for a “benign dictator,” which never turns out benign anyway…I sure don’t know the answers, but if it takes the Turks to ask the serious questions that really need to be addressed, well, so be it, even though their own political system is…um, well, not so squeaky clean….

  2. I’ve never been a supporter of the electoral college. Not much of a believer in “states’ rights,” either. Goes back to south vs. north, slavery, racism, etc. Then again, some states are more progressive than others… But should your state address determine your legal rights? Bizarre.

    • I hear you on that, and I also think that this country is way too big to function under a single governing body. One place I really see a role in states rights is in the arena of innovation, such as right to die, gay marriage, marijuana, etc. If we didn’t have any recourse except via the court system, there would be no real dialogue. And on the other hand it makes you want to tear your hair out when one state has great health benefits and the next one stinks. Here in Arizona where I’m currently hanging out, it gets all the way down to counties and municipalities all having different sales tax rates. So bizarre!

  3. thefeatheredsleep

     /  February 25, 2016

    One of my favorite sayings is also if not now, then when? The system IS broken and sold but we must not give up trying. Israel for example is lambasted in Europe because the media coverage u s so biased and anti semitism is again on the rise, we must be watchful, history repeats itself of left unchecked or worse, by apathy

  4. Will definitely watch it! Ty for sharing. XX

  5. I’m in Australia, and the electoral college system makes no sense to me. Have you guys had any talk of the TTP is it the TTIP (could be wrong) at all?


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