Coptophobia: Christian Heads Also Fly

Along with Jews (“descendents of pigs and monkeys,” according to Islamic State propaganda), who are clearly the root cause of everything bad, and Hindus, Sikhs, Baha’i, Muslims who refuse to join their ranks, and anybody else who isn’t them–IS has been quietly conducting a campaign of genocide against the already tiny population of Coptic Christians, who once thrived in Egypt, albeit as dhimmis after the Muslim conquest.

As dhimmis, Christians are to be protected under Shari’a law, in return for a special tax on top of the customary taxes due from Muslims.  However, IS has declared that existing Shari’a is not “authentic,” and have taken it upon themselves to rewrite the law.  The well-vocalized aim of IS is to impose a new Caliphate, and this appears to include re-writing the Qran and Hadiths, to the exclusion of laws extant since the seventh century C.E. (Common Era).

If there is a reason that the venerable Ban Ki Moon chooses to ignore this unconscionable injustice, and allow this entire people and their rich culture to be  wiped out at the whim of a rogue faction, I cannot fathom it.

If a tiny fraction of the news and rhetoric currently devoted to the current crisis in the Land of Israel  were used to publicize the dire situation of the Coptics, it is my fervent hope that the Christian world, at the very least, would come to the aid of their brethren in Egypt.

No doubt the spectacular art and architectural masterpieces of the Coptics would be lost; but there are lives and culture and traditions that, if not saved, and quickly, will be lost forever.

Unlike the good fortune of the Baha’i, who managed to escape the harsh persecution of the Persian regime and found sanctuary in Israel (then called by the Roman name “Palestine”), the Coptics find themselves pinned down with nowhere to go.

Already the Christian population of Nazareth and Bethlehem have found themselves under the “leave or die” policy of the Palestinian Authority.  Many have been outright murdered.  The rest have fled to the PA-unoccupied portions of The Land, where they live in safety.  But the Copts, that is, the few that remain, are unable to leave Northern Africa.

It would take an operation such as the Israeli airlifts of Ethiopian Jews to rescue the Copts.  Unfortunately, that would involve bloody battles in which additional Coptic, and many Israeli, lives would be lost.  And in all candor, I believe that the teeth of the once fearsome and heroic Israeli commandos have been blunted out of fear of “world opinion.”  Today, I doubt whether the spectacular 1976 rescue of over 100 Jewish hostages at Entebbe, Uganda, would have even been considered as an option.

Did you know that according to the website, which in my opinion is the least biased of the world religion tabulation sites, there were, as of 2005, 2.1 billion Christians (as a whole), 1.5 Muslims (although, since it is the fastest growing religion world wide, the numbers are many more today, while Christianity is slowly decreasing), and a mere 14 million Jews–even fewer than “Spiritists” (sorry, I’m not familiar with that term) and Sikhs?

So why does it fall to Jews to rescue who needs rescuing and take the blame for who needs blaming?

I call upon Christians, both religious and by tradition, to hear the cries of your brethren who are being slaughtered by “a new Pharaoh…[who] has arisen in Egypt” (paraphrase, Exodus 1:8).

May they be delivered in time, and may their oppressors vanish.

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  1. The question “why does it fall to Jews to rescue” is interesting. Maybe it’s because the Jews are Gods’ chosen people? I don’t know but there is some pretty scary shit in those numbers you posted.

    • Right. One of the first things I learned when I became Jewishly observant was…chosen for WHAT???

      • Well, Jesus was a Jew so I just always figured it was kind of like…He liked you best. I don’t mean that to be flip. I am a little pissed off at him for not doing anything about the atrocities in Germany (you know the ones that never happened?) But, it’s not for us to question, I guess.

        • A lot of questioning is done, and should be! There is an explanation from the more modern mystical texts that explains the atrocities, but I personally don’t buy it. I believe there is evil in the world, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with mental illness (although we hear so much about every act of evil being explained away by, oh, he was “mentally ill.” I don’t believe that millions of Germans, Italians, Poles, Russians, and even the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, not to mention a whole host of others, were all mentally ill. Evil, yes.

          • Excusing Hitler and his co-horts and blaming “mental illness” is beyond excusable…and you’re right. Hitler and all the others were pure evil and I hope they are burning in Hell right now.

  2. Evil exists. Evil is deceitful convincing people to do evil in God’s name. God, though, loves. God does not promote genocide or murder.

  3. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  February 20, 2016

    I cannot begin to understand killing someone because of what they believe. I’m here with my mouth open. 😦

  4. Christians have been dying for ages – you just have to look at the posts made on facebook by The Vicar of Baghdad to see what IS have been doing for a very long time. I would guess that about half the refugees in the Middlesbrough area who I’m meeting now are converts to Christianity from Islam, who have had to flee their homes because otherwise they’d be imprisoned, tortured and killed if they stayed.

    I think the problem is that there are too may people who are happy to learn to view other human beings as things instead of people.

    • You are so right. I’m glad you’re having the chance to meet these folks who have been so disenfranchised and persecuted through the centuries.

      I’ve just finished reading a wonderful book, “A Teaspoon of Earth and Sky,” can’t remember the author’s name. It’s about a secretly Christian family in Iran at the time of the revolution where, by some sort of mass insanity, the Shah was overthrown and replaced by the maniac Khomeini. Suddenly women were dangerous objects that must be hidden, were now property rather than people, and Christians subject to assassination….recommended reading! It’s a beautiful read, aside from everything else.


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