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Really, the sign says it all. 

This lovely “Green Area” is not a joke, according to the manager of the Escapees North Ranch campground near Congress, Arizona.  They’re one serious bunch here.

I’ve been here one whole day, and already I’m champing at the bit to leave.

For one thing, it’s hotter than hell.  I’m very heat intolerant.  Heat literally makes me sick.  Atina, too.  She demanded a walk at 2 p.m., and got diarrhea, which is a predictable consequence of heat stress.  We’re not going out again till after the sun goes down.  At least it does cool off rapidly, and even gets chilly enough for a sweatshirt at night.

The people here are unfriendly and unhelpful and even belligerent.  Very odd, since most travelers are very supportive of one another and eager to help.

I discovered this when I was forced to ask someone for help opening a water faucet at my campsite.  I am wearing a brace on my left hand, since I broke my wrist two days ago tripping over a log in the dark.  Even so, all the help I got was the loan of a wrench.

I’m looking for a place in New Mexico to wait for spring to spring in Colorado, where it is still colder than hell.

I camped at a really nice place near Silver City, NM last week.  I might go back there.  It’s inexpensive, the owner is nice, and the washing machine is free.  The shower is even decent, a big plus.


This was taken from the Mc Donald Observatory in Southwest Texas. 

I was surprised to find that West Texas looks just like the country you see in cowboy movies.  This is a hundred or so miles north of Mexico, officially part of the Sonoran Desert.   It’s a beautiful place.  The people are friendly, and I saw several Roadrunners (meep, meep), but Wiley Coyote was heard but not seen!  Bugs Bunny did make a guest appearance, but he scrammed when he got a load of Miss Malligator (Atina).


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  1. Colorado is actually pretty warm these days! We´ve had it just above freezing during the nights and all the way into the 60´s during the day! Bummer that your new campground is such a disappointment. The next one will be better! Take care

  2. The nomad life you lead. Hope your wrist heals quick

  3. oh and if you are interested in reading my password protected posts, the PW is the same for all, bozo1

  4. Ouch! That’s it, you’re getting rolled up in bubble wrap too. 😉

    I hear you on the heat thing. I dislike freezing, but my body absolutely hates hot weather. The desert sure is beautiful though!

    I love reading about your travels. It’s so cool what you’re doing, misfortune aside (although it’s all part of the experience).

    • Thank you, Kara! I think it would be cool to have a caravan of all the wonderful women friends we make in the blogosphere! Some just for a day, some for….whatever. Most of the travelers I meet have no intention of going back to the sessile life, though😉

  5. I wish I was on that trip with you. I think about just abandoning everything and hitting the road….the devil may care sort of attitude.

    • Well, it can be done, on any budget. In fact, it can be done in comfort, for less than keeping an apartment.

      • I’d have to do it in my car, though. Although I have driven huge rescue ambulances, I’m not sure I could drive an RV….but I can’t tell you how many times I have thought about it. Kudos to you for actually doing it!

        • I’ve met many singles and even rather large families traveling in lightweight travel trailers that can be towed by a car. You can pick one up for $3000 or less, or you can get a larger one if you have a pickup truck. My tiny RV is just a Chevy van with a miniature house built into it. If you’ve driven Heavy Rescue, you can sure drive one of these! In fact I’ve seen decommissioned ambulances converted into real nice RVs. I met a lady who bought an old box truck, put a cot and a porta-potty in the back, a hay rack on top, and sleeps with her horse and dog in the wood shavings! (The horse gets the shavings, she and the dog share the cot!)

  6. Laura, I love the sign and the Road Runner/Coyote clip. You don’t have to go out west for for coyotes and rabbits. I’ve got them right here. I lived in El Paso for a year and found the people unfriendly too. One day at the supermarket I said *Howdy* when I greeted the clerk. She was friendly so I tried it again. Try it. Say howdy and pass the time. You know how to do that from the south. I still forget to do it here. Let me know if it works. Do you have internet on your van? Anne

    Please visit my blog at *hannahpowers.net *

    On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 7:54 PM, Bipolar For Life wrote:

    > Laura P. Schulman, MD, MA posted: ” Really, the sign says it all. This > lovely “Green Area” is not a joke, according to the manager of the Escapees > North Ranch campground near Congress, Arizona. They’re one serious bunch > here. I’ve been here one whole day, and already I’m ” >

    • Haha. It’s not the local people who are unfriendly. It’s the people in this RV club I belong to, called Escapees, or SKPs. We (because I am a member, see) have a network of RV parks. So far I’ve been to three, and they’ve varied from frowsy to snooty, like this one. Yesterday I got aggressively hit on by some asshole who insisted until I got sick of it and verbally spanked him that “all single women want a hug.” Asshole. Anyway, I’m looking for cooler and greener pastures.

  7. sandracharrondotcom

     /  February 15, 2016

    Sorry about the mean people in Arizona. You probably came across my mom’s asshole husband. They winter in Arizona.
    And you broke your wrist??? Man, I need to quit my job, I’m missing all the news on the home front here. Stay well and keep avoid g the meanies.


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