Iraqi Journalist Comes Out Against Claim That ISIS Has Nothing To Do With Islam

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  1. He makes his point well. But it does not help when some people are calling out against ALL of Islam. There are many Muslims in Australia who are horrified that Islam is being blamed for the crimes of extremists. But history tells us that extremist Christians have committed dreadful crimes and called in the name of God. And I could go on. But I won’t.

    • The reason I posted this is to raise awareness of the radicalized Islam point of view, which is becoming dangerously homogeneous and is OUTSIDE the healthy heterogeneous “normal” Islamic conversation. Unfortunately, as this otherwise intelligent man illustrates, for the many people who are dissatisfied with the vagaries of life, a Caliphate that follows strict Shari’a according to a narrow definition, even more narrow than that followed in Saudi Arabia, if possible (note his disparaging remarks about the Saudi everything),-would eliminate the necessity to think, altogether. I will be posting more translated snippets from the extremist world, as I feel that it’s necessary for Westerners to at least look at them, even though they seem so outlandish that they must certainly be coming from a tiny minority of nuts. Well, that might be true, but look what they’re doing to Syria, Sinai, Paris, Boston, California, Germany, etc etc etc and more to come, because they will it.


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