Welcome to Texas!


Do not feed the wildlife, and watch for snakes?

This is the view when you pull into the Texas Welcome Center.

As if the previous night in Louisiana wasn’t enough.

That campground was a simple piece of swamp.  When I got out of my rig to plug into the electric, I sank into mud up to the ankle.  There were signs warning not to leave garbage out, because it attracts alligators.  Bears, I’m used to.  Alligators, no.

So the next morning I balled the jack all the way to Livingston, Texas, which is a couple of hundred miles on barely-paved 75 mph two-lane roads north of Houston.  Got into my campground at 5:32 p.m.

500 miles in 8 hours.  How did I do that?

Drugs.  All legal.

1)  Starbucks Double Shot in a can;
2) I took my Adderal, which I normally hate taking, but it really does help me pay attention)
3) Nicotine tablets
4) There was a fourth one, but I forget now.  I’m having a major crash day.

So I’m watching for snakes.  I never feed the wildlife anymore, so that’s not an issue.  But snakes are important to watch for.

I don’t have a huge desire to hang around in Texas for longer than I have to.  The only reasons I have to are to pick up some mail that is waiting for me here, and to see if I can get my abscessed tooth taken care of.  There’s a place here that advertises crowns made in one day, so I’m going to look into that.

Good thing I’m a traveling pharmacy, otherwise this tooth would have hung me up before now.  As soon as it dawned on me that this pain, swelling, and fever was localized to a tooth that broke in half recently, and was half-heartedly repaired by a dentist who really wanted to do the, “Oh, what you need is a four-tooth bridge, maybe a couple of implants and a time-share on Key Largo” thing, so was put out when I explained that I was short on both time and money…so the shite filling she did ($270) started leaking almost immediately, with the result that the tooth became infected, during the blizzard, of course.

Where was I?

Oh, yes.  As soon as I realized that it was my tooth, I rummaged through my box of random medicines and found exactly the right antibiotic.  After three days the tooth quieted down, but I’ve continued to take the antibiotics, because the tooth is now essentially a foreign body, and until it’s fixed the bacteria will be hiding out in there, waiting for a window of opportunity.  Which I hope not to give them.

Now, there is a dentist in this town who advertises not only same-day crowns, but also sedation!  And takes emergencies!  Does it get any better? 

Yes, not needing a dentist in the first place. 

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  1. I remember back in the Neanderthal man days, our teeth could gnaw dinosaur bones….what the hell happened?

    • Funny you should ask. I watched a TED talk the other day about how cooking food made more time for developing our brains. Before cooking, primates had to spend hours every day just munching away on stuff, and since our human brains take up 25% of our energy intake, the less energy spent chewing and swallowing, the more is available for inventing stuff and growing our cerebrum. Good try, but people still spend hours chewing and swallowing, and most people’s brains do not use 25% of their caloric intake. However, even if we munched sugar cane all day we could not make our teeth poorer and dentists richer. I think it is all the Strontium 90 in the environment.

  2. I use to do no-dos, there was another one but I can’t remember the name
    Texas ok
    At least it’s warm and sunny
    I hate teeth problems
    Mobile pharmacy
    Sounds like your next destination
    Besides I’ve always wanted to visit Goslow texas

  3. I’m so happy you are out of the snowstorm! Though, I’m not a huge fan of Texas (other than San Antonio is a lovely city and Padre Island when not in Spring Break mode) so I’m kind of glad I’m not riding along. LOL Now for the mouth pain…the worst pain because it engulfs your brain and causes such misery. I’ve had my share of broken teeth, infections and such since I have used opiate pain meds for years. I have almost more holes in my mouth than teeth, and as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon’s daughter I really hate that. Just cannot afford dental work since Medicare decided it wasn’t important enough to pay for. I am very glad that you will be able to have your tooth fixed, under sedation, in one day. Hoping it’s not too pricey, but that the dentist is good.
    Oh, I’m with you in avoiding snakes of all kinds….they are one the few creatures on this earth that I really, really don’t like. Keep your boots on while in Texas!

    • Do opiate meds weaken your teeth? I don’t take them, except for after tooth extractions๐Ÿ˜จ

      It appalled me to discover that nursing homes do not care for residents’ teeth, if they are unable to do it themselves. Your comment just connected the dots for me: they can’t bill Medicaid for brushing teeth, maybe?

      Yup, I’m gonna have to dig out my pair of Tony Lama snake boots that I bought last summer in New Mexico. Don’t laugh, they’re not made out of snake skin, they’re allegedly snake proof! Well, I figure what would happen is that the snake would get its fangs stuck in this webbing that’s between layers of leather, and then I’d have this panicked thrashing snake attached to my boot, then the dog would get involved….nah. Live and let live, you know? But I did find out that if a rattlesnake’s fang breaks off, they have rows of new ones lined up waiting to step into its place. Not like us. And it doesn’t cost them thousands of rattlesnake dollars, either.

      • Well, the thing with opiates is that they cause a pretty bad dry mouth, and in turn this allows a lot of bacteria to flourish in your mouth which makes for bad teeth. Also, with fibro, many of us have limited levels of vitamin d, so we can’t absorb calcium like we should, adding greatly to the whole problem. *sigh* HaHa about the billing medicare/medicaid for brushing teeth in nursing homes (or the lack thereof). I don’t think that is a blanket rule that they won’t brush their teeth, but it sure is hard to get them to assist. Some folks did try to help my mom brush her teeth, but as her Alzheimer’s progressed she would become angry about anything to do with caring for her teeth. Sometimes my sister or I could get a bit done, but not always. We finally decided that it just wasn’t worth it; why upset our mom?
        You are too funny about those snake boots ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it when you imagine things that could happen and tell the story of it. You would be an amazing fiction writer, too. It always makes me smile or laugh. Thank you or that.

        • LOL my entire life is a fiction, so why not write it? I agree with Lewis Carroll, that our lives are imaginary and we simply live in our own imagination. If we were to become aware of this, well…never mind.

          I have two books in progress from which I am on vacation. One is a fictionalized autobiographical thing where I look at the what-ifs…what if this had gone another way, what if I had made a different choice, what if a certain circumstance had happened instead…But I got to a really scary part and had to stop for a while. Once I get myself established in the desert again I think I’ll be able to start up from where I left off. It’s incredibly relevant to what’s going on with my adult child/son.

          • I wondered if what you were describing was leading to the situation w/ your son. The whole “what if things had gone differently”. I am absolutely excited at the possibility of a book written by you, let alone two! Get to the desert and get working, lady! LOL

            • Well, that certainly applies now, doesn’t it? I wrote most of the novel a few years ago. It came out of a NaNoWriMo project. There are five principal characters, each of whom represents a person in my life who has either died or been catastrophically injured, all in apparently random accidents. It was getting toward Day 28 and kind of trudging along, when I said, “characters, I give up trying to write your damn book. Write it yourselves.” So they got to work while I sipped tea and looked on approvingly. But now I’ve come to a point, a point no mother ever wants to come to, not even in her worst nightmare….how’s that for a no-content synopsis ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. Hope you get the dentistry help you need!

    • Thank you, Kitt, me too! It’s a bit hairy having these things happen on the road, but you have to take these things in stride. More important right now is that I ran out of Atina’s special kidney diet, will get it when the mail room here opens tomorrow, but in the meantime after just a few meals of a very good quality but not right for her kind of food, she’s sick again. I’d pull out every tooth in my head for her to be healthy.

      • Poor thing. So painful to see one you love suffer. Hope she starts to feel better now that she has her special diet again.

        • Since she needs a low protein diet, tonight she got a gourmet supper of a cup of basmati rice and half a sweet potato mixed in with her substitute food. I never saw anything disappear so fast!!! I don’t know what I’ll do for breakfast, maybe more rice. The mail room doesn’t open till one, and then we’ll have her proper food again, whew! It’s a prescription diet. I got her vet to order it through a mail order service, so now it will come every three weeks.

  5. Gee whiz, doctor, you stopped in crappy east Texas. Parts of Texas are very nice and most folks very friendly. You should have made your way to the hill country or central Texas. I was born, raised and have lived in the same county in Texas my entire life. No, I’m not fond of traveling and I’m a home body. But I admire your nerve and desire to see the country. Do take care and I hope that your tooth receives the best possible attention.

  6. Best temporary home remedy for tooth ache is to chew on a clove.

  7. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  January 31, 2016

    Yikes! Snakes!
    And alligators. . Remember to serpentine while running. Gators don’t corner well.
    I’m in the same boat for DDS. ๐Ÿ‘น

    • Good advice, Ilex! I’m just wondering if I can borrow a de-venomized rattlesnake so I can do aversion training. For the dog. I already had my training ๐Ÿ˜† Some Departments of Wildlife Management even have classes using muzzled snakes! I don’t want my Miss Curious sticking her nose into danger. And it would be her nose. Now I know where the term “nosy” came from.

      Sorry to hear about the DDS๐Ÿ˜ 

  8. Password for “My father”‘s blog is bozo1. I didn’t want to respond to the comment on the blog because it’s semi private and I didn’t want someone I didn’t trust reading it

  9. I’m glad that you’re out of the storm. Be careful with all of those stimulants, I also take Adderal but I take half the dose because I worry about it’s effect on the heart. I wish there was a way to heal your dog, it must be painful to see her suffer, and I’m surprised that Bush let’s Texas get away with posting a warning sign…oh yes, and I nominated you for an award…and yes, I know your blog is award free…I just can’t help myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Iโ€™ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    You are under no obligation to accept.

    To find out more about the award click here: http://wp.me/p47Ymh-3l9

    • Hi Rob,

      Thank you so much for the award nomination! It means a lot to me, even more so because I know you know I don’t “do” awards! You are a sweetie.

      Not to worry…I also only take half the dose. I don’t like the way it feels. Cannabis helps me focus also, but since it’s illegal here I don’t take it. I only take the Adderal if it’s going to really help me, like preventing road hypnosis.

      I think that sign was snuck up there by Louisiana ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Virtual hugs โคโคโค

      • It’s odd that you mention Cannabis. I find that Sativa is just as good as the Adderal at improving my concentration…

        One Adderal and a little sativa and my concentration is clear.

        • Yes, an amazing combination. Once one understands the modes of action of cannabinoid compounds, the medicinal uses are literally unparalleled by most pharmaceuticals. The beginning is in sight!

  10. Hope you’ve had the tooth sorted by now. Xxx

    • Thanks! Not yet. Other little annoyances have intervened. Life, you know….how are you getting on, Sis?

      • I’ll try to catch up on your activities soon. I’m busy these days. Life in a smaller house is good, and I’m now out of the house a lot, which is really good. I’m also doing a lot of useful stuff, like helping with the foodbank and with refugees and asylum seekers. I’ll drop you an email with more details. Xxx


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